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Fixed Restorations

Try Our Model Free Crowns & Bridges

Today’s dental practice demands aesthetic, long-term, well-fitting and well-designed restorations with pricing options for both traditional records and digital acquisition. ROE has decades of experience fabricating the right restoration for the treatment requested. Today’s options include beautifully layered ceramics, CAD-designed and -milled monolithic zirconia and lithium disilicate, porcelain fused to metal and full cast. This combination of materials is suited to nearly all treatment plans.

Our ceramists have an average 25 years’ experience working with ROE and even more within the industry.

Did you know: Today, more than 1/3 of our client’s records arrive via digital impressions, and nearly 1/2 of these are model free. Model free cases are designed, milled, finished and shipped without the need for a physical record. This very popular method offers lower fees and a quicker turn around. You will be delighted with the model free option. We even scan PVS triple-tray impressions for single monolithic crowns. ROE accepts files from all IOS (intraoral scanners).

   Fixed Crown & Bridge FAQ

Standardizing Quality

For the first time in dental laboratory history standardization is possible, regardless of the restorative material you prescribe. At ROE, cases pass through a process of precise digital dental design called iRIS (Intelligent Restorative Individualized System). iRIS produces mechanically sound restorations, engineered to your specific parameters.

iRIS is a philosophy of technology-aided-fabrication, where computers ensure accuracy while technicians focus on aesthetics. This all equates to final restorations that seat with confidence and provide long-term patient satisfaction. As good as this sounds, the best of iRIS is yet to come. Once impression material, die stone and manual die trimming are replaced with digital impressions, perfection can be achieved. Digital impressions allow the restorative team to take full advantage of the iRIS process.

How iRIS works

All models and dies are scanned and digitally entered into the system; ROE then uses a single design platform to create your restorations with incredible technical sophistication; we analyze margins under 25X digital magnification, create exacting block-out and cement-space relief, reverse-engineer substrates inside virtual final restorations, digitally shape contact points, and balance occlusal contacts in micron increments using virtual articulation.

The iRIS solution allows us to produce most fixed restorations. Whether it’s an artistically layered PFM or zirconia crown, full contour e.max, TLZ, or gold crown, all restorations will be returned with unrivaled consistency because they are designed within the exact same iRIS process, a process that can be specifically catered to your practice.