Digital Design Services

Dental Products for Doctors to Print In-Office

An increasing number of doctors are purchasing equipment to fabricate dentures, splints, and surgical guides in-office. Simply send ROE your digital or analog records and we will create a ready-to-print .STL file for you to print and finish in-house.


Grammetry takes that already highly-functional tool, your IOS, and offers you a new and innovative utility. To fully understand the impact of Grammetry you should have a well-rounded understanding of photogrammetry.

Dental Photogrammetry

Doctors capture photogrammetry records with a 360 scan of an existing prosthetic outside the mouth, scan of the prosthetic seated (on MUA’s), opposing and bite.

Denture Design Service

Ready-to-print digital denture case files can be generated from patient records such as scanned models and bite blocks, CBCT, or IOS of the denture(s).

Splint Design Service

Digital splint design is now available. Upload digital impressions or send master casts to ROE to be digitized. We will email you an .STL file(s) for you to print and finish in-house.

Surgical Guide Design Service

ROE provides implant surgical guide .STL files for as little as $70 from planned cases. Cases are pre-planned by ROE and include a live planning session. Once the case is finalized, the .STL is emailed to the office to print.

Digital Design STL Services

Expedited same-day designs are available. Call your technical representative for pricing.