FabWash Post-Processing Unit

With the advent of newer, more efficient, reliable 3D printing technology dental practices have started considering the business impact of in-office 3D printing. Practice benefits can include accuracy and detail, increased speed of case turnaround, greater versatility, enhanced customization, and reduced external costs.

This page highlights the FabWash, a core piece of Shining3D equipment needed to successfully establish 3D printing in-practice.

ROE Dental Laboratory is an authorized distributor of the Shining3D.

FabWash – 3D Printing Post-Processing System

The FabWash is purposefully-built to automate the crucial post-print cleaning process for dental 3D printing. This turnkey solution delivers the speed, reliability, and simplicity needed for smooth dental workflows. The automated wash cycles

  • Eliminate manual soaking, brushing, and drying,
  • Enhances 3D print consistency, and
  • Frees up staff time through it’s hands-free operation.

Its automation and multi-stage process let practices focus on final parts rather than washing parts.

Denture Design Service

Digital Design Services

An increasing number of doctors are purchasing equipment to fabricate dentures, splints, and surgical guides in-office. Simply send ROE your digital or analog records and we will create a ready-to-print file.

Key Features

  • Tailored Release Cycles – Based on the specific requirements of each resin material, the FabWash applies tailored release cycles. By integrating part release, washing, rinsing, and drying in one seamless process, the FabWash streamlines post-processing. Its enclosed system contains mess and fumes for a clean workspace. This achieves superior hassle-free results without relying on prying, scraping, or other traditional methods.
  • Part Release – The FabWash’s dental community-inspired innovation focuses on transforming part release from a manual chore to an automated success. By automating material-specific part release, the FabWash eliminates a historically manual, delicate process. Hands-free release protects part integrity while boosting efficiency. The integrated system allows dental practices to improve workflow and minimize part failures due to post-print handling.
  • WiFi Connectivity & Updates – The FabWash features Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient wireless updates to firmware, software, and material libraries. Over-the-air updates enable the FabWash to consistently deliver effective, up-to-date wash protocols with minimal effort from staff. This allows the system to continuously evolve with the latest dental applications and resins.
  • Custom Profiles – Users can select from optimized pre-programmed wash cycles or save custom profiles tailored to their specific parts and materials. This makes it easy to standardize and streamline post-processing, boosting efficiency.

The FabWash post print cleaning systems balances adaptable control with automated simplicity for dental post-processing.

One Year Warranty. Estimated Shipping 2 Weeks

FabWash Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Printer Compatibility AccuFab-D1s, AccuFab-L4D/L4K
Product Weight & Dimensions 15KG34*30.3*45 cmHeight when open: 75 cm
Bucket Volume 9.5L
Maximum Part Size 199*124*180 mm
Suggested Operating Environment 10~30℃ / 30%~70%RH
Suggested Transportation Environment -10℃~70℃
Agitation Method Magnetically coupled impeller
Include Accessories Wash Bucket / Wash Basket / Scraper / BrushThe adapter / Quick Guide
Power Requirements 100–240 V / 2.0A 50/60 Hz24V / 150 W
Compatible Solvent > 75% alcohol, IPA, Water
Connectivity Wi-Fi
User Controls 1.54 inch OLED & Rotary knob
Safety Sensors Automatic start/stop sensors; Build platform detection sensorSolvent bucket detection sensor; Safety pressure sensorEmergency stop switch
Product Features Automatic part release function; Automatic predefined wash/dry functionUser programmable wash/dry option