Implant Crown and Bridge

ImplantsCustom-Milled Abutments Since Early 2000’s

Turnaround time – 8 Production Days – Custom abutment implants & monolithic crown, add 3 for layered crown.

ROE customers prefer custom abutment implants due to the natural form emergence. Custom-designed abutment help crowns look like teeth, eliminate black holes, deliver patient-specific margins, and optimized space for porcelain layered prosthetics. Ideal computer-designed optimizes the path of insertion for multiple unit cases.

Through ROE, all major implant brands available allow for custom titanium and zirconia abutments. We also offer OEM custom abutment implants by request, meaning you can order MegaGen, 3i Belle Tek or Encode, Zimmer, BioHorizon Vulcan, Straumann, Hiossen, MIS, Thommen custom abutments implants milled by the implant manufacturer.

These cases may add a small amount to the case cost but are always and option with ROE. Just request OEM parts!

Available Zirconia Abutments

  • Exceptional esthetic results
  • Pink-stained sub gingiva eliminates unnatural colors at the margin
  • Available for nearly all implant systems
  • Optimal esthetics when combined with metal-free crowns
  • Flat fee pricing
ROE's custom milled abutment

8-11 Days

Lab Working Time


Ti Base vs Custom Milled Abutments

Ti base vs Custom Milled Abutments - The Best Fit for Doctors
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Stock vs Custom Ti Abutments

Stock vs Custom Ti Abutments
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Additional Information

TLZ-SR Screw-Retained, Custom Fabricated Crowns and Bridges

Turnaround time – 5 Production Days – may call for 3 more days if the parts must be ordered from the implant manufacturer

Screw-retained is our most popular posterior design. Our TLZ-SR is affordable, esthetic, retrievable, and eliminates cement at the margin. The crown is all-zirconia, and the interface is a titanium base. These restorations are fabricated in just 5 laboratory days and are designed with full-contour zirconia for extreme durability. Today, with IOS (intra-oral-scanners) cases can be sent to ROE with scan body scans for model free TLZ-SR’s, a low fee alternative.

Screwmentable Crown

Turnaround time – 9 production days

Popular among ROE clients, the screwmentable crowns offers some very nice seating benefits. This product includes a custom milled titanium abutment and crown (preferably zirconia for strength) fabricated, fitted and shipped as separate items to be cemented chairside, yet screw-retained. The big advantage is that the abutment can be seated first to ensure a perfect fit. The crown can then be seated by adjusting contacts then occlusions as needed, if needed. The benefit is that the crown is seated similar to a C&B case, rather than a screw-retained crown, where it can be very challenging to dial in the contacts, while maintaining a perfect implant connection.

Once the fabricated crown is seating to the doctors content, the abutment is unscrewed and removed, cemented to the crown, inspected for zero cement at the margin or access hole, and reseated and torqued into place.

It’s the best of both worlds – screw-retained is utilized and passivity and positive seat are achieved.

Screwmentable Crown

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Review Our Fixed Restorations

eMax Monolithic eMax Layered PFZ TLZ MiYo zRc PFM
Application • Anterior
• Anterior bridge monolithic
• Bicuspid
• Anterior
• Anterior
• Anterior bridge
• Anterior
• Anterior bridge
• Posterior
• Posterior bridge
• Posterior
• Posterior bridge
• Anterior
• Posterior
• Posterior bridge
Materials • Lithium Dicilicate
• Lithium Dicilicate,
• Low fusing Porcelain
• 4Y Yittria Zirconia
• Low fusing Porcelain
• Full Contour 4Y Zirconia
• MiYo Liquid Ceramic
• Full Contour 4Y Zirconia
• Metal of choice
• Opaque
• Layered porcelain
Days in Lab 7 7 9 3-5 3-5 9
Strength 400 mpa 400 mpa 250 mpa 1100 mpa 1100 mpa 200 mpa
Tooth Shades All All All All All All
Esthetic Quality ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Wear ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★
Price $ $$$$ $$$$ $ $ $$$

Crown ADA Codes

  • D6066 – Implant supported crown – porcelain fused to high noble alloys
  • D6067 – Implant supported crown – high noble alloys
  • D6083 – Implant supported crown – porcelain fused to predominantly base alloys
  • D6084 – Implant supported crown – porcelain fused to noble alloys
  • D6085 – Implant supported crown – porcelain fused to titanium and titanium alloys
  • D6086 – Interim implant crown
  • D6087 – Implant supported crown – predominantly base alloys
  • D6088 – Implant supported crown – noble alloys/li>

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