Try Model Free Restorations: Lower Fee and Faster Turnaround

Turnaround time – Production Days: PVS impressions scanned at ROE   |  TLZ Monolithic crowns model free (PVS) 4 lab days ; 3 lab days for IOS (intraoral scans)

Today, you can order model free crowns from PVS triple trays or intraoral scans! With our model free option, your crowns are just as accurate, quicker, and cost less. This wonderful service is available for our TLZ  and e.max crowns, bridges, and screw-retained crowns. Here is all we need:

  1. Clearly defined margins – if we cannot see the margin, we’ll revert back to pouring a model and die ditching for the regular fee
  2. Indication on the Rx that you would like model free
  3. Three production days – yes, that’s all

TLZ Zirconia – Translithic Zirconia TLZ Full Contour Crowns - monolithic zirconia

Turnaround time – 5 Production Days

All of ROE’s TLZ crowns and bridges are polished. This is unique to our industry as almost all other labs use a glazing. Polished restorations are more esthetic, translucent, hygienic, and more gentle on opposing natural detention according to the TRAC Division of Clinicians Report Foundation.

If you are looking for a zirconia restoration that is nearly indestructible, offers translucency and beauty, comes with a great 10-year guarantee, and is milled from the finest milling machines in dentistry, then you need to order our TLZ!

We guarantee against breakage for 10 years. Tested at a flexural strength of 1100 MPa, our high-translucency monolithic formula is stronger than nearly all other restorative materials on the market. Another benefit of TLZ restorations is that the pucks are shaded, so if any adjustment needs to be made, the shade is stable.

ROE Recommendation: use for anterior, posterior, and implant-supported crowns and bridges

Strength: 1100 MPa

Common Information on TLZ

Primers and Cleaning Agent:
Use primers when mechanical retention is minimal. They generate a sound bond between the restoration and the cementation material Monobond

  • IvocleanTM & MonobondTM Plus – Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Monobond Plus – Ivoclar Vivadent
  • ZPrime – Bisco
  • Scotchbond – 3M

Preparation: Conventional C&B (chamfer)

Recommended bur kits for adjusting zirconia:

  • Komet USA LD0540 Zirc / e.max Adjustment Kit
  • SS White® The Great White® Z
  • Brassler USA KO196


  • D2740 Crown
  • D6245 Pontic for a bridge
  • D6740 Abutment for a bridge
Fixed Typodont Demo Models – educate your patient. Available in the ROE online store.