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Online Case Upload

Upload Your Digital Files, Print Rx’s, Monitor Cases, Start a Guided Surgery Case

Write up your cases using this portal, then print or save the Rx for your records or to ship with your case. When you log in, be sure to choose what notifications you want to receive in the “Account” section. After clicking submit, you can print an Rx for your records.

Login to your ROE online account

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Creating an Online Account

By having an online account you are able to enter new cases and upload all relevant patient files directly into our dental lab case management system.

  • If you are new to ROE (i.e. you have never done any work with ROE at all) you can create a new account.
  • If you are an existing ROE customer and want a new online account please email info@roedentallab.com to have an online account set up for you. You will already have an account in our case management system and creating a new online account will cause a duplicate record in the system and will delay your cases. Email with your primary email address and you will receive a registration reply.

Create a new ROE online account

Only create a new account if you have never done any work with ROE before.

Upon account creation, you will receive an email confirmation to create a Username and Password. Be sure to check your spam folder for this email.

Patient File Instructions

  • First, if you  are sending DICOM files, be sure to ZIP the folder(s) before uploading (right-click on folder, choose ‘send to’, ‘compressed zipped folder’). Upload portals do not allow adding unzipped folders.
  • Please click on the button below that best describes you.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties, please call our laboratory and ask for support with uploading.


  • Add all of your images, .stl files, DICOM folders etc as “Documents”.
  • Be sure to click “Ok” after adding a restoration, or the “Submit” button will not present.
  • We offer many services online, help us meet your needs by carefully choosing the exact restoration you are ordering
  • If you are adding files or images to an existing account, there is not need to click submit again


Data Statement
Submitting this data is subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Surgical Guide Agreement, which are incorporated herein by this reference. The above referenced Placing Dentist and Restoring Dentist (collectively “Dentist”) represents, declares and agrees that the Dentist:

  1. Is a licensed dental professional qualified to perform the dental implant procedure documented in the above case plan;
  2. Has or will reviewed the case plan and all relevant data related to the case plan and approve the same;
  3. That the file and all relevant data provided to ROE Dental Laboratory, Inc. (“ROE”) for purposes of constructing the surgical guide is accurate and approved by the Dentist;
  4. Agree that ROE is not responsible for improperly fitting surgical guides when the scan appliance used was fabricated by a third party or models the Scan Appliance was constructed on are not available;
  5. Assumes full responsibility for both the plan and resulting surgical guide(s); and
  6. That this data will be accompanied by our Work Authorization which is  made subject to the terms of the Master Surgical Guide Agreement which includes, but is not limited to, disclaimers on  all warranties and a limitation of ROE’s liability.

The Customer is commissioning ROE to obtain, plan or construct the surgical guide(s) and accepts all terms and conditions established by the surgical guide manufacturer and ROE.