The simplest method of delivering an implant and the temporary

There is no easier method of placing a temp on your implant/temp cylinder or abutment. GuidedTEMPTM is restorative-based. Simply send us the standard files for a surgical guide, digital impressions welcome, and we will create an ideal digital tooth, then plan the implant and make a quick video for your review by email. In surgery, use the guide with your fully guided kit, place the implant, add the temp cylinder or abutment, seat the GuidedTEMPTM on the teeth and over the abutment, and simply backfill the space between them. Remove, adjust, polish, and you are done. The contacts are preset, the occlusion is slightly out, and your time is maximized.

For more challenging cases, see the ones below, we host online meetings to develop the plan. We can fabricate in our laboratory or provide files for in-office printing! The guide and the temp are the same material.

Work with dental technicians with decades of experience in the planning of implants, guides, and restorative cases.

GuidedTEMPTM Options

  • Full-service – ROE designs and prints
  • ROE prints from the doctor’s design
  • In-office printing based on ROE plan

When you purchase GuidedTEMPTM you get:

  • Online meeting, or video review approval session
  • Surgical guide for your fully guided kit
  • GuidedTEMPTM guide
  • Abutment or temp cylinder(s)
  • Blockout gasket(s)
  • Blockout plug(s)
  • Drill report

3 GuidedTEMPTM cases – from the simple 1-2 implants to more complex

Simple Case by Dr. David Dodril

Chairside Demo Models – educate your patient. Available in the ROE online store.