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ROE has been restoring implant and precision attachment cases since the 1970s and is widely considered one of the leaders in the industry. Our customers rely on us for innovation, solutions, and technical support. We are adept at all implant and attachment systems and a technical resource for every aspect of implant treatment planning. We offer both FDA cleared custom abutments, in-house milled titanium bars, full arch zirconia and nano products, as well as OEM milled components from most implant manufactures.

One of ROE's specialties is full arch implant-supported prosthetics. We work with full-service general dentists as well as specialists and their referring dentists with full-arch surgical planning, provisionalization and final restorations throughout the country.

We provide day-of-surgery chairside assistance with guided surgery and denture conversions.

We developed CHROME GuidedSMILE to complete guided full arch surgeries involving bone reduction, implant site drilling, implant indexing and even integrated prosthetics for same-day delivery. To compliment this service, we offer our iJIG, a patent-pending digital prosthetic conversion service which allows the dentist to simply scan a full arch prosthetic, the bite and opposing and upload to ROE. Follow our technique to a tee and you'll be amazed with the efficiency of converting any full arch prosthetic to the final.

Further, using our RAPID appliance technique, the full arch prosthetic can be easily transferred to ROE as the perfect, quick records for the final, delivering us the implant position, tooth position, opposing, bite – all that is needed to go to a prototype or final. Watch this video for the simplified technique for transferring your next full arch records.

Present us with your implant case and we will help you find a solution. Our goal is to deliver full arch prosthetics with fewer restorative appointments, less variables, and less chairtime.

ROE offers an affordable, flat-fee pricing structure to assist our clients with straightforward case estimation on common treatments, and estimates for all other cases. Please email for a fee schedule.

iJIG full arch implant

The most efficient method
to transfer full arch cases to ROE

custom implant abutments

Custom Milled Prosthetics

Educational Events

Implant Placement for the General Dentist

Overview This course, which includes a live implant surgery, is designed for General Dentists who have never placed an implant, to teach the skills necessary to properly diagnose, treatment plan,...

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ROE Dental Laboratory, 7165 E Pleasant Valley Rd
Independence, OH 44131 United States
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Simplify the Full Arch Workflow

This event is for doctors only Overview The conversation around digital technology has been an ongoing topic for years now, but what are the advantages of working with a specialist...

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New York Beer Project, 6933 S Transit Rd
Lockport, NY 14094 United States
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Achieving Predictable Outcomes with Full Arch Restorations

Overview Identifying perspective patients for implant supported restorations. Case work up - A review of necessary records needed to make a diagnosis for both analog and digital workflows. Comprehensive treatment...

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Online Webinar,

Redefining the Patient Experience to Drive Full Arch Success

Overview This unique 2-day event addresses the fundamentals of building a successful full arch practice by combining cutting-edge surgical and restorative technology with the right team culture focused on the...

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Innovative Dental, 6401 Innovation Ave
Springfield, MO 65804 United States
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Implant Services

Progressive services include:

  • Complete virtual 3D implant guide planning support and surgical guide fabrication
  • CHROME GuidedSMILE for full arch one-day reconstruction and prosthetic delivery
  • All-on-X clinical support
  • Technical expertise to support the dental practice

Stock vs Custom Abutments – Know the Difference

implant supported restorations prettau

From Singles to Full Arch
and all else in between