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The JC Try-in

A bite positioning device developed by ROE

What is a JC Try-In?

  • The JC Try-In is a digitally designed and printed flipper, for lack of a better description, that is used to confirm the patient’s bite.
  • When JC Try-In is used:
    • a closed bite that requires opening for the procedure, usually more than the 3 mm’s recommended limitation of the articulator
    • when patients present with few or no centric stops when the vertical needs to be determined and confirmed
    • when the bite confirmation is needed, as well as a scan appliances – can be for both
  • Records needed:
    • Master casts, PVS or digital impressions and a bite registration
    • Retracted photographs of the patient biting in centric, left, right, and straight on please
  • How to use:
    • Seat the JC Try-In(s). Adjust as needed for full seating. Then equillibrate until the bite is perfect. Then capture a new bite and return the case to ROE. We will re-articulate and move forth with with this new position.
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