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ROE is a full service dental laboratory that has been building long-term partnerships with dentists since the 1920's. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians is dedicated to providing the quality and service necessary to maximize patient satisfaction and minimize chairtime.

Our goal is to provide functional and aesthetic restorations indistinguishable from natural dentition. We are proud to be a valuable member of the dental team.

screw retained crown tlz-sr PRETTAU BRIDGE bruxzir zirconiascrew retained crown tlz-sr

This the is the material out clients have been waiting foriJig

A full arch milled PMMA that provides a softer landing than zirconia, yet offers much higher strength than traditional hybrids. You will be pleasantly surprised. on click here


Show your patient a new smile before surgeryiJig

Even before an immediate denture! ROE is now offering the best smile simulations in dentistry. There are simulations, and there are smile make-overs with a beautiful result that you are proud to show your patient! WOW YOUR PATIENT Today with a SmileSIMTM from ROE ! ... read on click here


iJIG - with ROE’s technologyiJig

Doctors can simply scan an existing appliance using any digital impression system, upload to ROE and receive an iJIG, sectioned, relieved and ready for luting and pick up. There is no other system on the market that makes it this simple to order a new full arch restoration. ... read on click here


miniComfort ® - Stop Clenching Today!MiniComfort Splint

When you read all the benefits of miniComfort 4.0 & 6.0 you'll be amazed what ROE is offering: daytime deprogramming, self-seating, patient accepting, no impressing reorder, and so many more ... read on click here



is a millable resin that provides dental technicians and dentists with a metal-free alternative for removable applications. Doctors love the strength and patients love the esthetics and comfort. Click here to learn more.

Next-Gen Polished ZirconiaDAMAS LABORATORY

With lower wear to opposing, increased translucency, wet smooth feel to the tongue, beautiful pearl-effect esthetics, and big time biogenic friendliness, Next-Gen TLZ is right for you. Click here to learn more.


GuidedSMILEct surgical combiguide

When you need bone reduction, implant guidance, and immediate provisionalization in the same procedure, order our GuidedSMILE. This is a three-phase procedure based on digital technology that will simply amaze you!


Avadent & PALA Digital Dentureavadent digital dentures

Restore your dentures digitally in as little as two appointments! Think how happy patients will be when they hear "3 appointments", as opposed to 5+. Set your practice apart with ROE's denture services.