How to Order and Reorder a miniComfort®

ROE has designed and created over 45K miniComforts™ since 2016.  Talk to us about your case.

miniComfort Patient Records

The records for miniComfort® are very traditional with a slight variation on the lower. Because the lower appliance is retained by saliva suction, the impression must capture the labial and lingual vestibules down to the root eminences. The maxillary arch can be traditional crown and bridge impressions or casts. We do not articulate these cases, therefore there the casts may be untrimmed when returned.

The laboratory record is the printed model duplicate. We fabricate a printed model for all cases to keep the appliance clear as glass during processing. If the patient presents with a Class I or II or another challenging bite, please send a bite registration. And YES, digital impressions are welcome. We do have a small fee for the models, but digital is always welcome with ROE.

Necessary patient records


3 Days

Lab Working Time

Rx’s and Forms

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Reordering a miniComfort®

Whether your case is sent digitally or analogy, all miniComfort® models are scanned and saved in our system for 5 years. If the patient loses their appliance, simply call the ROE with the unique case number found on the container, or of course the patient name, and we will print the model, and remake the miniComfort® appliances. If the patient cannot come to the office, we are happy to send the appliances directly to their home without an invoice. The best part? Unlike ALL other appliances, miniComfort® does not need a lengthy seating appointment or adjustment and patients can simply walk in, pick up their guards and self-seat.