What is the miniComfort?

The miniComfort® is a low-profile, mandibular appliance that requires no adjustment and provides a comfortable deprogramming effect for clenchers and grinders.

  • Simplified Science – Parafunctional habits are disrupted while proper canine disclusion is re-established.
  • Perfect Fit – An intimate, customized fit requiring zero chairtime adjustments.
  • Barely Noticeable – The slim 1mm profile makes the guard virtually invisible for seamless wear in any social setting.
  • Comfortable Wear – Soft biomaterial conforms to teeth and cushions against grinding, while integrated hydroseal prevent slippage.
  • Habit Breaking – Dual discluding elements provide instant feedback, making patients aware of unconscious clenching and grinding habits.
  • Customizable Treatment – Easily integrates with a traditional nightguard strategy for severe bruxism cases.

How does the miniComfort work?

The miniComfort® relies on the protective and discluding properties of the maxillary canines, known as the “cornerstone” of human dentition. Their unique root dimensions and strategic position allow them to withstand various forces, protecting the dentition. However, when the canines wear down, they lose their discluding ability, leading to wear on other teeth.

The miniComfort® is a soft, biocompatible, and patient-friendly appliance that restores canine disclusion and disrupts parafunctional habits. It lacks posterior contact and hard acrylic surfaces, preventing opposing teeth from grinding or bracing. The device allows natural activities like chewing, without providing a familiar pattern for muscles to overwork. Ideally, the discluding elements contact the mandibular teeth simultaneously, reducing habitual muscle activity and stress. When worn during the day, the miniComfort® protects teeth and enhances awareness of clenching, serving as a biofeedback tool to reduce or eliminate harmful daytime bracing.

Read here for a full list of our miniComfort FAQ’s.


This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Mouth Guard

miniComfort - This Isn't Your Grandmother's Mouth Guard
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This guard will protect your teeth ANY TIME!

Daytime? Nighttime? miniComfort will Protect your Teeth ANY TIME!
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