miniComfort® – the daytime, nighttime, anytime guard

ROE has a long history of providing splints and guards. Today, dentists prescribe guards more than ever before. That is why we partnered with the creator of miniComfort®, Dr. John Kline, Akron Ohio. miniComfort® is the perfect solution for today’s busy lifestyle. Guards are not just for nighttime any longer. People want and need a daytime solution, an appliance that is undetectable, comfortable, therapeutic and protective. miniComfort® offers this. We suggest trying miniComfort® in place of nearly all other prescribed guards today.

miniComfort® Trial Survey – If you have used, or are using a miniComfort, we would love to receive your feedback.

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What is miniComfort®?

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miniComfort - the daytime, nighttime, anytime guardHow does the miniComfort® work?

Production Time: miniComfort® ; 3 days

The miniComfort® is 100% soft inside and out, biocompatible and extremely patient friendly. It restores canine disclusion and disrupts the habit of parafuctional activity. It has no posterior contact to incite muscles of closure hyperactivity. The miniComfort® provides no hard acrylic for opposing teeth to habitually grind or brace upon. There is purposely no interface for opposing teeth to interact with. The miniComfort® allows activity much like chewing food or gum. Hence there is no pattern for muscles to be familiar with. Ideally, as the mandible closes in the maximum intercuspation position (MIP) or centric occlusion (CO) or centric relation (CR) the muscles respond with less memorized, habitual contact, avoiding muscle over activity and stress. Ideally, the discluding elements will contact the mandibular teeth approximately at the same instance, it is not imperative they do so. For daytime wear the miniComfort provides protection and a means of enhancing awareness of any day time clenching. Patients may utilize this awareness as a form of biofeedback to attenuate or eliminate the extremely harmful and unnatural habit of day time bracing.

The Discluding Elements

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How to help patients see the need for a miniComfort®? Use the Puzzle Picture.

See our miniComfort® Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how to talk about it, how to help patients realize the need for it as well as maintenance instructions for it.

miniComfort® Instructions

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