CLEARsplint (Heat n Seat)

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Splints and GuardsTurnaround time – 4 Production Days

  • Material: Modified Ethyl Methacrylate Monomer / Polymer
  • Patient Experience: Self seating appliance – case is seated following heating chairside, and patient can reproduce steps at home to adjust comfort as needed
  • Mounted on semi adjustable articulator
  • Fabricated on duplicate model to protect master cast and ensure fit
  • Color Stability: Good
  • Monomer Free: Yes
  • Indications: Nightguard, TMJ, Bruxing

D9944 occlusal guard – hard appliance, full arch

Recommended Cleaning Instructions:

  • Brush and floss your teeth before placing the appliance in your mouth
  • Clean appliance with any mouthwash or denture cleaner
  • Rinse well with water before and after use and store dry
  • If it becomes loose, tight or causes you any discomfort, contact your dentist immediately

3/4 Days

3 days planning
4 days production

Denture Design Service

Digital Design Services

An increasing number of doctors are purchasing equipment to fabricate dentures, splints, and surgical guides in-office. Simply send ROE your digital or analog records and we will create a ready-to-print file.


Digitization of Splints

The Digitization of Occlusal Splints and Guards
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Review our Splint and Guard Offerings

CLEARguard miniComfort CLEARSplint LVI Neuromuscular Orthotic
5 options 2 w/ each purchase
Application Night protection and TMJ Nighttime/daytime protection & habit deprogramming

Night protection and TMJ

Both day and night protection
Brief Description H/H, H/S, with memory liner Semi-soft guard with discluding elements Hard guard Hard guard
Arch Upper or Lower Lower Only Upper or Lower Upper or Lower
Hard / Soft Hard & Soft Semi-soft Hard Hard
Heat and Seat (with water) Product dependent No Yes No
Materials Dental LT Clear Resin (V2) Vacuum formed biocompatible resin CLEARSplint Ivocap
Patient Records IOS scan or master cast. IOS scan or master cast. Lower must include the labial vestibule. IOS scan or master cast. Tens Bite
Days in Lab 2-4 3 3 4
Clarity ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★
Price $-$$$ $$$ $$ $$$$$

Splint and Guard ADA Codes

  • D3470 – Intentional re-implantation (including necessary splinting)
  • D4322 – Splint – intra-coronal; natural teeth or prosthetic crowns
  • D4323 – Splint – extra-coronal; natural teeth or prosthetic crowns
  • D5987 – Commissure splint
  • D9943 – Occlusal guard adjustment
  • D9944 – Occlusal guard – hard appliance, full arch
  • D9945 – Occlusal guard – soft appliance, full arch
  • D9946 – Occlusal guard – hard appliance, partial arch

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