Turnaround time –
 3 Production Days – digital setup and finish. The technology is finally here to make digital dentures a more practical reality. This carefully curated process is the perfect marriage of specialized manufacturing hardware, detailed design software, and innovations in material composition. It is this third piece of the puzzle that has elevated the functionality and practicality of a digital denture. ROE can now offer two digital denture versions to meet the needs of your patient.

IMPACT Denture

    • Final dentures from bite blocks!
    • Immediates
    • Economy available
    • Back-Up dentures at economy price
    • Esthetic, and designed for the long term
    • Able to be loaded and converted on implants with premium Lucitone base

Digital Duplicate Denture

    • Beautiful, strong, long-lasting printed denture
    • Premium bases are extremely hard, exhibiting much high fracture toughness
    • Can be converted to locator supported
    • Can be converted as a long-term prosthetic via All-On-4 process
    • Simply send in the existing denture, with a PVS reline if needed, or from a CBCT Scan!

Introduction to ROE’s Digital Duplicate Denture

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Watch the doctor and patient reaction to ROE’s new digital duplicate denture

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How to scan an upper and lower denture and the bite

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Dr. Kevin Fryer

“I recently delivered two dentures fabricated digitally by Roe Dental Lab. The esthetics were amazing, the fit was excellent and most of all the patients loved them. I’m very pleased!”
Dr Kevin Fryer, OH

Dr. Steve Childress III

“Digital denture is really good.  Best fit we could expect being so close to extraction date and bone still remodeling.  Esthetics were really good”
Dr. Steve Childress II, WV

Dr. Kevin Hall

“OMG they came out beautiful and with great retention. Thank you for your introduction to this method of doing dentures. The patient is very pleased!!!!! Please pass along my thanks to your techs”
Dr Kevin Hall, Hartford Gay & Lesbian Collective, CT

Dr. Rita Kutsikovich, Prostho

Love digital dentures! Very esthetic, the fit is great, and mainly saves time by eliminating trying appointment!!! I usually take my time doing accurate bite registration and establishing boundaries for the lab with the wax, so I rarely needed to do resets, therefore trying was musty a wasteful appointment for me, not anymore!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Rita Kutsikovich, OH

Dr. Tom Bilski

“The digital denture protocol that ROE has established helps me to swiftly have a complete denture designed and delivered to the patient. The new lucitone materials are wonderful and easily bonded to when intraorally picking up Implant retention attachments for over denture restorations!”
Dr. Tom Bilski, OH

ROE’s Experience in Digital Dentures

ROE has fabricated thousands of digital dentures since 2018 as immediates, back-ups for full arch surgery, and many for complete final dentures. Digital set-ups are precisely equilibrated, follow the traditional set-up and occlusal schemes and include most morphological options, cusp-fossa relationships, and esthetic designs.

Necessary Patient Records

You don’t need digital impressions to order a digital denture. From a well-marked bite, ROE can produce a final denture. Simply follow the traditional method of molding and marking your bite block, capture the bite and opposing, and take a photo of the patient smiling, with the bb seated. From these simple records, we will produce a beautiful, final denture ready to seat. If there are changes needed, our ‘reverse reset’ is quick and very affordable – read below.

Simply send your bite blocks to ROE with all the wax indications:

  • high smile line
  • cuspid and mid-line, and
  • lips at rest line

ROE stores all digital records to make it a simple phone call to reorder a duplicate denture if/when needed.

Assured Confidence with the Reverse Reset

ROE’s digital denture process is designed to eliminate setup appointments. If there is an issue with the final denture, make adjustments, use a sharpie, capture a photo or two, and we’ll perform a ‘reverse reset’, fabricate a new denture and send for a fraction of the overall cost of a traditional denture and reset. This can be purchased when required and does not need to be purchased along with initial IMPACT Denture order. IMPACT Denture is the best option for immediates and long-term economy dentures.

Listen to the BJ Kowalski, President of ROE Dental Lab

BJ discusses indepth the game-changing nature of digitally printing dentures, the new materials involved, how to duplicate a denture from simple scanning techniques, how to make a denture from a CBCT scan, and the versatility of ROE’s new floating teeth technology.

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Ivoclar Vivadent Reports:

ADA Codes

  • D5110 Complete upper
  • D5120 Complete lower
  • D5130 Immediate upper
  • D5860 Overdenture complete
  • D5281 Removable unilateral
Removable Typodont Demo Models – educate your patient. Available in the ROE online store.