Flexible, esthetic, comfortable, color stable

Turnaround time – Production Days – Frame 4 days, Set-up 3 days, Finish 4 days

Zirlux Acetal is a milled resin that provides dental technicians and dentists with a metal-free alternative for removable applications. With properties that closely mirror those of a natural tooth, Zirlux Acetal allows dental laboratories to reduce their production process by eliminating investing and casting procedures.

Acetal (scientific name polyoxymethylene) is a 99.9% pure, highly crystalline milled thermoplastic. What makes this copolymer special is that this material is flexible when thin, but becomes more rigid as it becomes thicker, making it an ideal material for fabricating a variety of tooth-retained removable appliances. Furthermore, the material absorbs virtually no water, delivering long-lasting performance and making it less likely to develop stains or odors.

Think of Acetal like a much-improved PMMA, but it is both stronger and more flexible than PMMA, and it can be used in a variety of unique indications. For instance, acetal allows you to make a thinner, more flexible appliance, and it can engage natural undercuts in teeth for maximum retention and patient comfort.

Zirlux Acetal Technical Sheet

Acetal Highlights

  • More precision due to no injection heating or cooling, which avoids any expansion or shrinkage
  • Low moisture absorption and fatigue resistance
  • No thermal conductivity
  • Clasp on teeth instead of tissue
  • More esthetically pleasing tooth colored clasp

Technical Data

  • 90 MPa
  • Available in most shades including bleach
  • Available in disc sizes: 98.5mm
  • Clasp on teeth instead of tissue
  • Available in thicknesses: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm


  • Removable Partial Denture Frameworks
  • Available in most shades including bleach
  • Provisional Crowns and Bridges
  • Clasp on teeth instead of tissue
  • Cosmetic Smile Enhancers
Removable Typodont Demo Models – educate your patient. Available in the ROE online store.