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Removable Prosthetic Solutions

Knowledgeable and experienced technicians utilize the latest systems and materials to design and fabricate removable prosthetics. All appliances are fabricated on duplicates of the master cast enabling our clients to pre-fit cases prior to the final seating appointment. Full and partial dentures are processed utilizing Ivocap’s pressure-injection system, arguably the best acrylic processing system in the world. Ivocap compensates for acrylic shrinkage and ensures accuracy on every case.ROE is at the forefront of digital technology which includes complete denture fabrication and R&D for major denture companies. ROE full dentures are fabricated with either digital technology for our printed IMPACT Dentures , milled Ivotion Dentures, or Ivoclar’s ESP Esthetic Simplified & Predictable denture system, with benefits such as processed bases at the bite appointment, mechanically verified balanced occlusion, special lingual contact teeth, anatomical articulation and much more.

ROE partial dentures are designed with CAD/CAM technology, which means more accurate seating, improved designs, and enhanced mechanical properties. Today, metal frameworks are designed in the latest software and printed using SLM technology. There is no more accurate partial frame than a ROE frame.

Clients can also choose from several esthetic options like Valpast, Zirlux Acetal, hidden clasp designs and even clear and tissue-colored clasps.

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How to scan an upper and lower denture and the bite

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IMPACT Denture
exclusively from ROE

Ivoclar Vivadent Ivotion digital denture 3D printed on model

Ivotion Denture
Milled Digital Denture

Selective Laser Melting
most accurate frames ever

Valplast partial denture

Valplast Partner since 1980’s