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The Printed Try-In

The Printed Try-In is the last stage before a final restoration. This digitally designed prototype of the final is made from the RAPID appliance or the iJIG, depending on the doctor’s protocol. This tooth-colored appliance (with a pink gingiva option), gives the patient the test-drive prosthetic needed to confirm the final.

A ROE invention, the Printed Try-in is the perfect prototype when working toward a full arch monolithic, final restoration. Designed generally from the iJIG, the RAPID, or sometimes a screw-down tooth set-up, Doctors will receive this appliance, seat using the one-screw-test to ensure passivity, capture x-rays to confirm perfect seating on the MUA’s, then equilibrate, adjust as needed, reline with PVS if there is a tissue gap, and then capture a bite and opposing and return to ROE. With this approved prosthetic, ROE will fabricate the final restoration, or by request, for an additional full fee, fabricate another Printed Try-In.

With the full CHROME GuidedSMILE package, one Printed-Try-In prototype is included.

We know you’ll love this product for restoring full arch patients.

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