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Scan bodies, or digital impression posts, represent the exact implant location during an intra-oral scan. They are necessary for digital fabrication of implant prosthetics. The physical scan body is screwed to the implant in the mouth, or to the analog in a model, scanned and digitized, and then then identified by software to indicate a specific implant in a specific position. Clinically, this is accomplished by utilizing an intra-oral scanner.

Important rules to follow on scan body cases:

  • When sending the case, must indicate where the scan bodies were purchased and the specific implant brand and size for every site. This is very important when ordering, as often the lab cannot visually identify the scan body.
  • When setting up the IOS scanner to scan, it is important to discuss the latest methods with the scanner company. Some scanners allow the user to remove the healing collar, scan the sulcus, then place the scan body to continue scanning. Some systems, Cerec, require too much information and a closed format, if you indicate that you are scanning for implants. Best practice is to scan as a crown or splint and submit through
  • Ensure that the correct scan body is being used in the correct implant. Platform size is key to many scan body use and success.

Scan bodies are not all the same, in fact they are all different. Scan bodies are manufactured by many OEM implant companies as well as by laboratories, 3rd party manufactures, software companies and others. It if very important to know where the scan body came from, what exact implant it is compatible with, and most importantly, can the vendor to whom you are sending work with it. Contact ROE when you have questions on scan bodies. We’ve been providing digital prosthetics from them since 2004.

Scan bodies available from ROE: 

As an FDA registered laboratory, we provide FDA 510(k) cleared custom abutments for most implant systems on the market. All popular systems are available using our scan bodies and can be purchased by calling our customer service.

OEM SCAN Body Partners

  • ROE works with Straumann® CARES® Mono Scanbody to design and order OEM custom abutments directly from the Straumann milling center.
  • To begin, order scan bodies from your local rep or by calling Straumann Customer Service. (800) 448-8168.
  • Be sure to follow their instructions.
  • For several years ROE has been a MegaGen partner and milling center.
  • We design and mill custom abutments for their scan bodies, as well as from our scan bodies.
  • Simply call to order (201) 673-4088.
  • ROE is the contract manufacture for Thommen custom abutments.
  • Their stainless steel, coated Scan bodies must be ordered directly from Thommen.
  • Call (216) 583-9800 for details.
  • Zimmer Biomet provides scan bodies for both of their implant systems, TSV and Osseotite, as well as a unique scan body called Encode.
  • Their scan bodies can be ordered by calling 888-800-8045.

Roe’s Scan Bodies – EncodeTM

  • Encode is a unique scan body.
  • It is both a scannable scan body and a healing collar, generally placed by the specialist during surgery.
  • Encode is simply scanned with an IOS scanner or captured with PVS by the restoring doctor and sent to ROE for the restoration.
  • No impression posts are needed and the patient avoids the long uncomfortable appointments.
  • Encode may be the simplest method of restoring an implant.

How to use your IOS scanner to scan a scan body

In general, ROE merely needs the scan of the scan body in the mouth as if you are scanning a tooth prep. We do not need to have a special ‘implant scan body’ scan. Simply screw down the scan body, take an x-ray if needed to verify full seating, and scan the quadrant, or full arch if more than 2 implants, scan the opposing and the bite. Some scanners allow a special scanning protocol. If you see your scanner below, please watch the video. If you do not, it is best practice to contact the company and ask about special protocols for scan bodies.

When scanning with Sirona, for ROE, do not tell the software that you are scanning for an implant. This will require you to order their model and analog and to complete the design work. This is for in-office design only. Simply scan the scan body as of you are scanning study model or crown, export the .stl files and upload the case via Connect.