Stabili-Teeth® is a new fixed detachable hybrid option for any practice…

Do you have a clinical full-arch solution that the average patient can afford?

We know that 178 million individuals have at least one missing tooth and 40 million are missing all of their teeth which leaves this available market at around 100 million patients in need of a long-term treatment solution.

While the saturated premium implant market has little room for growth, THE VALUE IMPLANT MARKET is poised to experience the strongest growth in the dental implant fixture market at an annualized rate of over 10% by 2027.

Current Full Arch Fixed Hybrid Solutions – whether Clear Choice or any of the other brands – are priced anywhere from 40-80k. Due to the high price, only 2-3% of the current population suffering can afford the level of clinical care they deserve due to price, until now!

Dominate the full-arch market and needs of a growing patient population in your community with STABILI-TEETH®!

Introduction to Stabili-Teeth

Stabili-Teeth® offers two major impacts to our providers

  1. The opportunity to help many more patients get into a long-term clinical solution that gives them a fully implant-supported prosthesis at less than half the price
  2. The opportunity to significantly add to your practice gross revenue.

The Stabili-Teeth® Teeth Package

Stabili-Teeth® Highlights: Its final prosthetic looks, feels, and functions like your typical full arch fixed detachable hybrids such as TeethXpress, All-On-4 etc. however,  due to its creative procedure (that still follows very conservative surgical guidelines) and unique combination of implant sizes, not only does it offer dentists a much more flexible and easier surgery (no surgical guide) you are able to complete a full mouth restoration at a total cost of $21,500 which still leaves your practice with over $16,000 of net profit.

To make this completely turnkey and offer doctors a streamlined plug-and-play opportunity to learn and put Stabili-Teeth® into their practice.

Stabili-Teeth® has set up:

  • A comprehensive program that includes education for the doctor and their selling/patient coordination staff
  • All marketing materials required for effective internal and external marketing, as well as strategic partnerships.
  • This is a necessary ADDITIVE procedure to any office doing Fixed Detachable Screw-In as it picks up patients that simply can’t afford that option and is a fantastic option for offices that currently don’t offer a screw-in fixed hybrid.
  • It’s easier to learn and has a much higher patient conversion rate.

The Stabili-Teeth® package includes:

  • 5 miles of office exclusivity
  • Didactic & lab clinic at our course + the virtual course version in perpetuity
  • Guaranteed low pricing on Stabili-Teeth® implant kits
  • Guaranteed low pricing on Stabili-Teeth® lab fees
  • SEM advertising/lead generation from Stabili-Teeth® in your area
  • Printed & digital marketing materials to use with patients
  • Advertising arsenal of pre-created, high-quality customized commercials for social/digital media, broadcast, and radio use
  • Patient sales/treatment coordination materials to utilize to present and convert new patients into Stabili-Teeth® consumers
  • Monthly Zoom webinars with the Head of Stabili-Teeth® Patient Sales Training for auxiliary staff to help with selling tactics
  • A custom model to use chairside to sell Stabili-Teeth® 50 customized folders & 50 tri-fold Brochures

Interested in becoming a Stabili-Teeth® provider?

With a growing market of 65 million people who suffer from missing teeth, attaining a permanent solution continues with just one viable option the full-arch fixed detachable. Unfortunately, its high cost prohibits affordability for a large portion of the market. Adding Stabili-Teeth™ as a solution for any practice, opens an enormous revenue opportunity: by providing patients an attainable alternative.

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