The digital IOS full-arch solution

Imagine going for a ride in your car today and discovering that it can fly!

Seems unrealistic, right? Well, that is what Grammetry does to your IOS. Grammetry takes that already highly-functional tool, your IOS, and offers you a new and innovative utility. To fully understand the impact of Grammetry you should have a well-rounded understanding of photogrammetry.

What is dental photogrammetry?

Dental photogrammetry is the newest and hottest topic within the full-arch dental community due to its high level of implant-capture precision. This micron-level accuracy has allowed ROE to design 1,000+ arches this year (85% same-day), including coping-free, final zirconia restorations. Photogrammetry provides the precise location and angulation of placed MUA’s or implants. Overall, the inherent benefits of photogrammetry include:

  • Implant location accuracy
  • Predictable outcome
  • No need for retries
  • Reduced chair time
  • Elimination of tryins
  • Ease of interaction with your dental lab partner

Grammetry vs Photogrammetry

Grammetry enables clinicians to experience all of the listed benefits of photogrammetry, and none of the unique challenges that photogrammetry presents.

Concerns Photogrammetry Challenges Grammetry Solutions
Applicability Limited application Multiple applications
Learning Curve Steep learning curve 15 min learning curve
Mobility Limited mobility Easy mobility
Scalability Expensive scability Inexpensive scalability
Upkeep Continuous upkeep No upkeep
Availability On backorder Available now
Cost Expensive 1% the cost of photogrammetry

ROE’s Grammetry solution addresses each of these photogrammetry challenges. In its most basic form, Grammetry allows

  • The use of approved IOS scanners for implant capture,
  • Provides a simple capture protocol on the day of surgery,
  • Delivers the ability to fabricate physical models (not available through photogrammetry), and
  • Gives the ability to manage the full workflow from surgery to final zirconia.
  • Is scalable regardless of your number of operatories/locations, the number of surgeries, or preferred surgical protocol (freehand, static-, dynamic-guided, robotics, etc).

This is all possible, affordable, and available today.

Photogrammetry and Grammetry:
A Full Arch Technology Review

Grammetry vs Photogrammetry

Grammetry – Meeting you where you are

The dental community represents a wide spectrum of digital evolution and technology adoption. The purchase of a high-specific, single-utility, expensive tool is outside the reach of most. ROE has designed Grammetry to meet you where you are from a technology perspective.

In-Practice Technology Grammetry Solution Level Surgical / Restorative Records Prosthesis Design & Manufacture

  • IOS Scanner
  • OptiSplint
  • Surgical: IOS records
  • Restorative: IOS & OptiSplint
Surgical: LAB designs & manufactures

Restorative: LAB designs & manufactures

  • 3D Printer
  • IOS Scanner
  • OptiSplint
  • Prosthetic Design Services
  • 3D Printer Callibrator Tool
  • Surgical: IOS records
  • Restorative: IOS & OptiSplint
Surgical: LAB designs. DOCTOR prints

Restorative: LAB designs & manufactures

  • Lab Scanner
  • 3D Printer
  • IOS Scanner
  • OptiSplint
  • Prosthetic Design Services
  • 3D Printer Callibrator Tool
  • Lab Scanner
  • Surgical & Restorative: Fully digital workflow - IOS and lab scanner records
Surgical: LAB designs. DOCTOR prints

Restorative: LAB designs & manufactures

  • Zirconia Mill
  • Lab Scanner
  • 3D Printer
  • IOS Scanner
  • OptiSplint
  • Prosthetic Design Services
  • 3D Printer Callibrator Tool
  • Lab Scanner
  • Surgical & Restorative: Fully digital workflow - IOS and lab scanner records
Surgical: LAB designs. DOCTOR prints

Restorative: DOCTOR designs. DOCTOR mills

Grammetry – Breaking Barriers to Entry

Grammetry breaks down the barriers of not only photogrammetry but also other scan-body-based transfer systems. See below how Grammetry addresses the challenges faced by doctors wanting to get into this level of accuracy.

The names of the other companies listed have been abbreviated.

Photogrammetry vs Scan Body Transfer Systems

Barriers Grammetry PC iC IR MM NX
Training Yes online No No No No No
Equipment Cost Per case Over $45k+ Over $35K Over $25K Over 40K Over $2K
Support Full support No No Yes No overseas based support
Run by dental lab Yes No No No No Possibly
Open System Yes Yes Yes No Unsure No
Design Services Yes No No Yes No Yes
Manufacturing Services Yes No No Closed lab network unsure Closed (no network)
Analog Verified Model Yes No No Unsure No No
Analog Articulation Yes No No Unsure No Unsure
IOS Approved Systems 4 approved IOS systems No No 1 (their own) No Unsure

Grammetry Compatibility

The underlying power of Grammetry is its compatibility with surgical approaches, IOS scanners, prosthetic screws, MUA options. Below is table highlighting Grammetry’s high-level of compatibility.

Surgery Types Approved IOS Scanner MUA Options Healing Collars Driver Options Prosthetic Screws
All-On-X 3Shape Trios Nobel Compatible Biohorizon Biohorizon
Freehand Medit i500, i600, i700 BioHorizons DESS DESS
Navigation Sirona Primescan Biomet 3i iCAM Ref iCAM Ref SIN
Static Guides Straumann Virtuo Vivo DESS MIS MIS
CHROME ...more to come Hahn Neodent Neodent Powerball
Zygo Hiossen Nobel Mushroom Nobel Mushroom
Pterygoid Implant Direct Interactive Nobel Plastic White Nobel Plastic White
Robotics Keystone* Nobel TMU Nobel TMU
Nobel Biocare
Noris Medical
Straumann BLT & BLX

*MUST Use OEM Keystone Screw

Uses of the OptiSplint

The OptiSplint is appropriate for both day-of-surgery and the restorative process.

OptiSplint DAY-OF-SURGERY Protocol

OptiSplint RESTORATIVE Protocol

Grammetry Kit

Grammetry Kit comes in a 4, 5, or 6 scan body pack. It includes:

  • OptiSplint scan bodies
  • Screws
  • Prosthetic scan caps
  • 2 metal frames (one large and one small)
  • 2 frame delivery handles
  • 1 pair of frame clippers

Additional items available for this system are the ArchTracers (fiduciary markers, pack of 3). These are one-time-use items that can be autoclaved post-surgery.

OptiSplint Kit Videos

Contents of a Grammetry Case

Patient Case Study

Dr. Clint Metcalf completed 5 arches in 3 days with Grammetry and was kind to share images of one of the arches. Patient received 7 implants following extraction and bone leveling. OptiSplint was scanned extraorally as per the new protocol and the healing collars and screws intraorally. Doctor printed in house and his lab person created a model to verify printer accuracy on the first case. Superb outcome.

Single Arch Dentate Patient
Teeth Reference Workflow

Grammetry Patient Case Study
Dr. Isaac Tawil Patient

Tads, Screws, Arch Tracers Workflow
Guided CombiGuide
Teeth Reference
Denture Reference Workflow
OptiSplint library for exocad

Prosthetic components libraries with unique geometries made specifically for 3D Printing from Intraoral Scans.

Submit the form to download the most updated Optisplint library for exocad!



Records for Restorative Workflow

The Optimal Way to Capture Grammetry Records

How Does Grammetry Stack Up Against Photogrammetry?

Edentulous Workflows using CombiGuide

Scanning the CombiGuide for Grammetry

OptiSplint Kit & Additional Grammetry Supplies

OptiSplint Kit

Each OptiSplint kit comes in 4, 5, or 6 scan body packs. It will contain:

  • OptiSplint Scan Bodies
  • Screws
  • Prosthetic Scan Caps
  • 2 Frames – one large and one small
  • 2 Frame Delivery Handles
  • 1 pair of metal clippers

Buy an OptiSplint kit online here

Grammetry Supplies

3D Printer Calibration Device



Reusable 3D Print Calibration consists of:

  • 1 stone model with placed analogs
  • Stl file for the printable Grammetry bar

Purchase 3D Print Calibration online here.

Fiduciary markers (tads) for bite records. Can be used multiple times – are autoclavable. Comes in a 3 packet.

Buy Arch Tracers online here.

OptiSplint Scan Bodies

Stellar Acrylic Resin

Buy extra scan bodies:

  • Each additional scan body $95

Purchase OptiSplint scan bodies online here.

Light curable resin suitable for luting the OptiSplint components

Buy white Stellar composite online here.

OptiSplint Workflow Options