Dental Photogrammetry

Full ArchIf you are using ICam4D from Imetrics4D or the PIC system from PIC dental let’s work together.

There is no easier method to ordering full-arch. ROE offers coping-free, model-free, articulation-free FP1-FP3 long-term temporaries and final full zirconia restorations using cutting-edge technology.

How do we make this happen?

Doctors capture photogrammetry records with a 360 scan of an existing prosthetic outside the mouth, scan of the prosthetic seated (on MUA’s), opposing and bite. With this, ROE fabricates an esthetic printed prototype for a test drive. This temporary prosthetic can be worn by the patient for a few minutes, or up to a few months. We can add pink and make appear as a final. It will be seated with special screws and should require little-to-no equilibration. If no equilibration is required, simply call ROE and order the final. If equilibrated, then simply capture a new scan of the seated temp and upload for the final. Simple as that.

Restorations available with this technology:

  • ROE Printed-Try-In
  • FP1-FP3 with special screw architecture, and
  • Noble Procera Zirconia Bridge direct to Nobel Compatible MUAs or direct to all Nobel Implants. (Nobel MUA compatible systems only at this point: MIS with OEM SCREW, Keystone, Thommen, BioHorizons, Hiossen, Hahn, Neodent, Nobel Biocare, Megagen)

How do you get started?

  1. Log onto our online ordering portal.
  2. Select the product ‘iJIG / Printed Try-In’ and complete the questions.
  3. Upload and submit records. Be sure to capture all the records listed below and include a digital bite registration so that all the files come together.

Need a screw / tab system for bite registration during photogrammetry surgery? Try the Osteogenics Bone Fixation kit.

Files to send:

  • ICamBodies, ICamRefs or PIC transfers
  • 360 scan of the prosthetic outside the mouth
    scanned holding in your fingers
  • Seated prosthetic
  • Opposing
  • Bite registration
  • Shade
  • Add Pink and Glaze ($99 extra on the temp)
  • Changes, e.g. add molars, move midline, make teeth more feminine, close tissue gaps, lingualize the teeth, etc.

Please take great care with the records. This is a model-free, coping-free, articulation-free service that depends on a perfect record collection. We are here to support you.

Educational Video Request Form

For photogrammetry educational videos and surgery workflows please submit the form below:

New Photogrammetric Approach to Bone Reduction

Freehand surgery using photogrammetry technology can be aided with the use of our bone reduction guides. This CBCT planned product is designed from a tooth setup and a basic implant positioning work-up.

The goal is to ensure adequate bone reduction for freehand surgery. When ordering request our product called CombiGuide Lite for plastic or regular CombiGuide if you would like a metal bone reduction base.

Dental Photogrammetry
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Dental Photogrammetry
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Dental Photogrammetry
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Dental Photogrammetry
Dental Photogrammetry
Printed Try-In
Dental Photogrammetry
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Dental Photogrammetry
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Dental Photogrammetry
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