1. Intro to CHROME

Freehand vs Guided Surgery: A Profitability Comparison

Guided Surgery vs Freehand Surgery

For any practices starting in full arch every case is great due to the financial return. If you are serious about full arch then maximizing your most important resource, the doctor’s chair time, is the fundamental key to full arch profitability.

With the help and knowledge of 18 full arch freehand and guided surgery experts, we conducted an in-depth analysis of surgical and restorative approaches, no. of patient appointments. and workflow efficiencies. What we discovered is that guided surgery is:

  • 40% faster workflow to final vs freehand
  • $1,000+ more profitable per hr vs freehand

Profitability Comparison

Freehand Surgery CHROME GuidedSMILE
Material/Surgical Analysis costs +
No. of Appointments & Time Analysis costs
14.5 $12,515 8.25 $10,960
Price to Patient $30,000 $30,000
(Price to Patient - Costs)
$17,485 $19,040
Profitability By Hour
(Profit / Total hours to complete case)
$1,206 $2,308

CHROME GuidedSMILE is a 40% faster process and an $1000+ per hour more profitable workflow.

This analysis simply looks simply at time and materials and does not address the additional CHROME GuidedSMILE benefits such as increased osteotomy visibility, enhanced surgical predictability, easy to learn conversion processes (including small hole technology), gathering records for the final on the day-of-surgery, and relatively simplistic process to final, etc.


Data Breakdown

Material/Surgical Analysis

Freehand Surgery CHROME GuidedSMILE
MATERIAL/SURGERY ANALYSIS Cost per item Amount Total Amount Total
Implants $200 4 $800 4 $800
Abutment (avg) $120 4 $480 4 $480
Titanium Cylinders $35 4 $140 8 $280
Lab Tech Cost $1,000 0
Immediate Conversion Denture & Abutment Guide $495 0
Final Zirconia Prosthesis $3,800 0
CHROME Complete Package

Includes the cost of the conversion, the process for gathering records for the final, and the cost of the zirconia final
N/A $6,100
Total Cost $6,715 $7,660

Materially, CHROME GuidedSMILE is more expensive than conducting the surgery freehand. Increased material cost result in greater surgical and restorative efficiencies (see below).

No. of Appointments &
Time Analysis

Freehand Surgery CHROME GuidedSMILE
APPOINTMENT ANALYSIS Hourly Rate (per hr) Hrs Taken Total Hrs Taken Total
First Consult (CBCT, X-ray, Photos) $400 1 $400 2 $800
Treatment Plan $400 2 $800 0.5 $200
Present Treatment Plan to Patient $400 0.5 $200 0.5 $200
Surgery Day $400 3 $1,200 2.5 $1,000
Post-Surgery Equilibration $400 1.0 $400 0.5 $200
Temp Adjusted (Soft Tissue) $400 0.5 $200 0.25 $100
Transition steps to final prosthesis $400 6.5 $2,600 2 $800
Total Cost 14.5 hrs $5,800 8.25 hrs $3,300

CHROME GuidedSMILE, surgically and restoratively, 40% faster than the average freehand surgery.

  • Surgically – faster due to preplanning and accurate stackable guide process
  • Restoratively – significantly faster due to its reduced number, and length, of necessary appointments.

Restoratively, in a freehand surgery the appointments you need are:

  1. Appointment to take new impressions
  2. Appointment to try a fit verification jig
  3. Appointment to try a try-in
  4. Appointment for a reset
  5. Appointment to seat for final

With CHROME GuidedSMILE you go directly to

  1. Appointment for either an iJIG or a RAPID.
  2. Appointment for Printed Try-in.
  3. Appointment to seat the final.