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CHROME GuidedSMILE is the leading, patented, stackable surgical guide on the market. There are many reasons for this.

It is very easy to go in-depth on the fact that CHROME GuidedSMILE is a safer, faster, smaller, and stronger guide. It’s easy to hear the benefits of CHROME from doctors across social media and on this website.

One of the significant aspects of CHROME is that we provide all the educational information necessary to do a CHROME surgery readily available on this site.

Take your time to fully understand the engineered efficiencies of CHROME GuidedSMILE before you plan your first case with us.

If you have specific questions please reach out and we will meet with you one-on-one.

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The Ultimate CHROME GuidedSMILE Guide

This ebook is your ultimate guide to CHROME GuidedSMILE.

This 90 page ebook:

  • Highlights the benefits of a fully integrated metal surgical guided system.
  • Over 200 images exploring every part of the CHROME GuidedSMILE process.
  • Links to 25+ videos offering over 8 hours of CHROME GuidedSMILE information and Instruction.

CHROME GuidedSMILE is Safer, Faster, Smaller, and Stronger

Safer. Faster. Smaller. Stronger.

Safer.  Faster.  Smaller.  Stronger.

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Safer.  Faster.  Smaller.  Stronger.

  • Functional designCore components of CHROME GuidedSMILE are made of strong a CoCr alloy resulting in a guide with a smaller oral footprint when compared to plastic guide systems.
  • Mechanical pinning – A small, incredibly strong pinning system removes the significant patient discomfort caused by larger pins required by other non-metal guided systems.
  • Precise actions – Doctors fit our guides to the tissue and/or teeth, not the bone, as with plastic guides.
  • Smaller prosthetic holesC2F small-hole technology allows for extra-oral conversion, stronger prosthetics, and small 2.5mm holes, similar to final restorations.
CHROME GuidedSMILE After Bone Reduction

Safer.  Faster.  Smaller.  Stronger.

CHROME GuidedSMILE Osteotomy Guide