3. Pre-Surgical Decisions

GuidedSMILE Lite TM

GuidedSMILE Lite™ is ROE’s lower cost full arch guided option.

Lite includes is a plastic version of CHROME, yet offers almost all the benefits of CHROME, such as small footprint, minimal lingual reduction, floating guide technology, wide variety of implant compatibility, tooth or tissue delivered, and so much more. The records, surgical and restorative procedures are the same as CHROME. This plastic version is allows doctors to budget for patients who may not have the funds for the premium, rigid, full visual service of the CHROME.

This amazing service delivers:

  • anchored bite verification
  • anchored bone reduction
  • anchored site drilling
  • accurate anchored provisionalization
  • a method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase

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An Explanation

Patient Case Study

Patient Case Study 1

  • The Fixation Base is delivered via the Pin Guide and remains intact during the entire procedure.
  • The Osteotomy guide, Carrier guide, Prosthetic and RAPID appliances are all stacked on press-fit connectors.
  • The Carrier guide supports the Prosthetic and the RAPID appliances.
  • This is the latest version and has been well received.

Patient Case Study 2

  • The Pin Guide delivers the holes for the subsequent components.
  • The Fixation Base is used to reduce the bone, then it is removed and the Osteotomy Guide is inserted for drilling and implant guidance, and it is removed.
  • The Carrier Guide is seated to delivery the prosthetics.
  • Unlike other systems on the market, our prosthetics are not pinned. They do not have to be adjusted and decimated by cutting of connector arms.
  • The prosthetic and the RAPID appliances both rest connect to the Carrier guide ready for pick-up.
  • This version is more traditional.