4. Day of Surgery

Standard Prosthesis Conversion

CHROME GuidedSMILE sets the standard for efficient chairside prosthetic conversion, setting up the case for a simplified final restorative protocol

Chairside prosthesis conversion with CHROME GuidedSMILE is a straightforward process. Using standard tools and applying knowledge of simple conversion techniques, the doctor, the staff, and or a dental technician can quickly process the surgical pick-up into a lovely prosthesis ready for seating in just 15 minutes.

Items needed for conversion:

  • Titanium copings – 2/implant site
  • Stellar flowable acrylic (Voco and a few other non-shrinkage materials are ideal)
  • Small composite / endo tips for small areas (optional)
  • Lab Handpiece with a selection of aggressive and fine burs, polishing wheels, polishing paste
  • Glaze and Light cure (optional but will help after adjustment)
  • Compressed air

ROE Provides chairside support. We have a fee for this service. Our goal is to deliver a beautiful prosthesis ready for seating, while at the same time, teach the staff to complete the conversion so the savings can be seen immediately over other full arch processes.

The Ultimate CHROME GuidedSMILE Guide

This ebook is your ultimate guide to CHROME GuidedSMILE.

This 90 page ebook:

  • Highlights the benefits of a fully integrated metal surgical guided system.
  • Over 200 images exploring every part of the CHROME GuidedSMILE process.
  • Links to 25+ videos offering over 8 hours of CHROME GuidedSMILE information and Instruction.