4. Day of Surgery

Day-of-Surgery Deep Dive Video Series

Six Day-of-Surgery Deep Dive Video Series

Thomas Kuun shares the tips and tricks he has gathered from his extensive career in full arch surgery, and in participating in over 500 CHROME surgeries.

He has seen and experienced pretty much everything in full arch surgery and in this series of six deep dive videos he shares some of the most important; from how to conduct a successful pre-flight component check, to maintaining the buccal plate when removing the teeth, effective drilling approaches, and much more.

This is a must-watch for any CHROME doctors, new or experienced. Why solely learn from experience when it is faster and easier to learn from Thomas?


Part 1: Pre-Surgical Check

Part 2: Seating the Pin Guide & Fixation Base

Part 3: Bone Reduction

Part 4: Site Drilling & Implant Placement

Part 5: Seating the Prosthesis

Part 6: CHROME Surgical Options