The videos below show the emotional impact a CHROME surgery can have on a patient. We at ROE are very fortunate that we work with the best doctors across the country. With the CHROME GuidedSMILE technology, and the exceptional patient care of these doctors, we know CHROME patients are in the best of hands.

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Watch Steve Daggett’s, country music artist, CHROME journey from frustration to confidence. Congratualtions to Dr Gregory Tobak, from Shoreline Periodontics & Dental Implants, on a successful CHROME patient experience.

Testimonials from CHROME Doctors

“Guided surgery has become the gold standard for full arch implant rehabilitations.  Going with CHROME from ROE Dental Lab ensures a reliable accurate outcome. The rigid guide along with a highly aesthetic prefabricated provisional gives us the confidence to deliver what our patients deserve. The CHROME standard! ”

Dr. Isaac Tawil | GP | New York

“CHROME has the best accuracy and site visualization of any guide system while also allowing a less invasive procedure.”

Dr. Scott Hoyer | OMFS | Wisconsin

Chrome has taken my full arch treatment to a whole new level.  Better implant placement means better bone and soft tissue to support the implant restoration.  Simple and predictable.  I will not do it any other way now!

Dr. Scott D. Ganz | PROSTHO | New Jersey

“CHROME has completely changed the way that I treatment plan and provide spectacular outcomes for all of my full arch patients. I am able to confidently promise a beautiful smile, to be given the same day of surgery, and I know that I will deliver fabulous results every time with the CHROME GuidedSMILE technology. We work together as a team step-by-step in a seamless efficient process that saved me thousands in chair time. It provides such amazing results that patients share their experience all over the town.”

Dr. Jon Runion | GP | OH

After years of frustration with the “All-on-X” procedure, I was about to give up on ever making this profitable for our office and a good choice for our patients.   Now we finally have a predictable surgical and restorative protocol that makes perfect sense and is providing a win for our patients and for our practice.  GuidedSmile is the future of the  fixed hybrid denture.  I am excited to be part of the group of dental professionals bringing this to the market.

Andrew Kelly DDS | GP | GA

We have worked with many different labs in efforts to find a full-service lab to meet our office needs.  We have been working with ROE Dental Lab now for a few months and have been extremely pleased with their customer service.  They have worked really hard to get issues resolved quickly and always strive to deliver the best product for our patients.  We appreciate that in our lab!

Dr. Tye Thompson | GP | TX

I have been doing guided surgical implant placement for full arch denture conversion with immediate load for many, many years. I like ROE Dental’s Guided Smile as it really simplifies the implant placement and conversion process for my restorative dentist and myself. It has truly reduced the total time our patient is in our office and increased patient satisfaction.

Dr. Bart Silverman | OMFS

Nothing else on the market gives this level of rigid fixation, security and surgical access. It is a quantum leap.

Dr.V. Ramcharan OMFS

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