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These videos are not intended to teach implant placement or guided surgery. They are intended to train CHROME GuidedSMILE use only.

CHROME is a standardized, preplanned guided system. As you watch these videos, notice that the order of components is repeated on every case: Pin Guide, Fixation Base, Osteotomy Guide, Carrier Guide, Nano Ceramic Prosthetic, RAPID appliance finish. Though all patients and circumstances vary slightly, this straightforward system, utilized in all 50 states by hundreds of dentists, delivers predictability and standardization.

If you have specific questions around CHROME GuidedSMILE submit your questions to a CHROME GuidedSMILE expert. We are here to support you.



Guided Surgery w CHROME

Natural: Patient Case Study

Double Edentulous Study

Double Edentulous Arches

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