CHROME GuidedSMILE is continually being improved upon through a process of relentless and focused R&D. This R&D is the result of continuous feedback from the doctors and specialists conducting CHROME surgery in their practices. As we have refined this product, specific and nuanced patient needs have been identified and resolved using the CHROME GuidedSMILE framework. This has led to the development of the CHROME Family of Products.

CHROME Orginal is the foundation member of the CHROME family of products.

It is the most applicable across patient types and situations and is the orginal basis for the other members of the CHROME family of products.

FP1 prosthetics can be delivered with CHROME Natural, for patients who present with gummy smiles.

The goal is to not to take away excessive amounts of bone in order to raise the smile line, rather, to deliver a beautiful FP1 type bridge that meets the tissue, without pink, with minimal bone augmentation.

Chrome Emerge uses a uniquely designed bone trough guide to accurately guide bone trough creation.

It creates a concave shaped ridge that allows for a convexed “bullet shaped” shaped prosthetic to be fabricated, resulting in a more hygenic final prosthesis.

When patients cannot afford the full CHROME treatment at this time, there is an option, CHROME Replica.

This service allows the doctor to perform CHROME ‘business as usual’, however during surgery, doctor picks up the RAPID appliance and holds it until the time of prosthetic final conversion. This allows the patient to save up for a definitive prosthesis.

Guide your zygomatic implants with CHROME ZYGO.

This beta CHROME option is available only for experienced zygo oral surgeons and general dentist teams. This wonderful variation of CHROME delivers all the elements of a GuidedSMILE surgery and includes guidance of special ZYGO handles for the drills and the implants.

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