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Digital Impressions

All digital impressions are accepted.                       

ROE has accepted digital impressions since 2004 and has pioneered the digital workflow working the digital dentists.

We accept digital impressions from all scanners, specifically all Cerec versions, 3Shape Trios, Cadent iTero, Schein E4D, Schein PlanScan/Nevo/Emerald, Carestream CS3600, Medit, 3M Lava TDS, and others.

For any systems not listed below simply export your files and upload them to ROE’s online portal.

Basic steps to sending digital cases to ROE

  • Step 1 – Set up online account – click here
  • Step 2 – Log in to your account and write up the case – click here
  • Step 3 – Add your .stl files as documents, along with photos if needed                                       

Click the title of the system below to find out more information

TRIOS by 3shape – ROE is a TRIOS Ready laboratory
CEREC – ROE is a certified Cerec Partner Laboratory
PlanScan (E4D)
TRIOS by 3shape – ROE is a TRIOS Ready laboratory

        ROE is a TRIOS Ready laboratory 

How to transfer your TRIOS files to ROE

  1. Ensure you already have created and activated your 3Shape Communicate account at https://portal.3shapecommunicate.com
  2. Search for ROE with TRIOS@roedentallab.com
  3. Once found, click Connect and then Close
  4. ROE will accept your connection and you will receive a confirmation email from 3Shape

How to export .STL file(s)

  1. Open the scan/file in Ortho Analyzer.
  2. Click Export Model As.
  3. A popup window will appear – click Browse if you would like to choose a different file location. You can uncheck the upper or lower if you only want to export one arch.
  4. Click Save.
  5. We recommend you rename the file to include the patient’s name.

Fabricate: Fixed, immediate dentures, splints, implant restorations, GuidedSMILE, SureGuides, and some partials and flipper.


Unique “3D-in-Motion” technology captures real-time video. The Lava C.O.S. uses breakthrough technology that allows for quick, real-time 3D video capture of the tooth anatomy. This significant technological advancement will deliver precise-fitting restorations while taking quality oral care to a higher level for your patients.

Designed to work with both conventional and CAD/CAM processes.

The Lava C.O.S. will support conventional processes like PFM, as well as digital all-ceramic restorations including Lava™ Crowns and Bridges. Before the patient even leaves the chair, the dentist or assistant can quickly and easily fill out the digital prescription using the touch screen monitor. The digital impressions and prescription are then forwarded to ROE.

How to transfer your 3M files to ROE

  • Call 3M™ support at 800-634-2249, select option 3
  • Select option 1, and request ROE Dental Laboratory be added to your scanner
  • 3M™ will then confirm with ROE Dental Laboratory and add connection remotely

How to export .STL file(s)

  1. Access the STL file in your office by first logging into the 3M™ Connection Center web portal. Access to Connection Center is obtained by contacting the Customer Care Center at 1-800-634-2249, option 3.
  2. Select the appropriate patient case and click the STL file package to download.
  3. Click the Download link.
  4. We recommend that you rename the file(s) to include the patient’s name and save them in an easily accesible file location.

Since 2004 weve made thousands of cases with this amazing technology. Cadent sends ROE the digital files for so we can import into our lab for digital processing. This allows for C&B, Removables, and Implant restorations. The process is fairly quick and very predictable. iTero models are excellent representations of the mouth which means accurate restorations for you.

Because we are a digital laboratory, we fabricate most of the restorations digitally before the models arrive. We offer model-free crowns, lower partial frameworks and implant abutments from scan-body scans. Call us any time on this technology.

How to transfer your iTero files to ROE

  • If you are using an iTero scanner, you can contact your iTero representative and have ROE Dental Laboratory added as your preferred lab. This will enable you to send scans directly from your iTero scanner
  • iTero users can contact Align Technology directly to add ROE Dental Laboratory to your list of “Favorite Labs.”

How to export .STL file(s)

  1. Before starting to scan the patient, make sure you choose the option “icast” or “irecord”.  This is important because if you choose the “Invisalign” option, you will not be able to export these files.
  2. Once you have scanned both arches and the bite, the information is stored in “myaligntech.com”
  3. Log into “myaligntech.com”.  This will take you to the orders page where your scans are.  Look up the patient and click on their ID #. This will take you to the order information page.
  4. Click on “Export” (OrthoCAD 3.5 or higher).  Now a study model will pop up and a box that says “OrthoCAD Export”.
  5. Export type:  Choose the “Open Shell” option.
  6. Data Format: Choose “Two files” (arches oriented in occlusion).
  7. Folder Name: Change this number to the last name of your patient so when you save it, you know who it is!
  8. Once you hit export, a window should pop up that says “model data was exported to c:cadent/export/(patients last name).
CEREC – ROE is a certified Cerec Partner Laboratory

ROE is a certified Cerec Partner Laboratory

If you are a Cerec owner we want work with you.

How to transfer your iTero files to ROE

  • Upload your impressions via www.cerec-connect.com.
  • A model is fabricated, when needed, and sent to ROE.
  • At this point, you may order the material of your choice!
  • We can also provide .stl conversion for $20, surgical guides from you .DXDSSI files and a full range of restorative options.

How to export .STL file(s)

  1. Set up a case in CEREC, Sirona Connect or Ortho Software. Capture the images, and advance to the point where the buccal bite is articulated in the Model Phase.
  2. Click the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. Select Export.
  3. Highlight the location where you want to save the file on the left hand side of the windows screen.
  4. Use the drop down menu in the ‘Save as Type’ field and select .STL from the list.
    • We recommend renaming the file to include the patient’s name in the File Name field.
  5. Click Save.
PlanScan (E4D)

How to export .STL file(s)?

Because of the open architecture of PlanScan Systems, your digital impression can be sent directly to ROE. Save your digital impression files as “.stl” files and email to submit your case digitally.

  • Press “Export and Send Buccal Bite Case (.stl)” icon.
  • Fill out patient information and payment details.
  • Check “Save and Email your STL Files.”
  • Click “Submit Case.”
  • Enter email, Press “Upload Files & Send Email.”
  • Forward email to info@roedentallab.com

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