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Live Meeting

The NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge (webinar)

August 4, 2021  |  Online
The NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge is the most flexible approach to full arch implant restorations. ROE Dental Laboratory has developed techniques that suit both the digital and analog practice to produce the NobelProcera® Zirconia Implant Bridge. Traditional dentistry matched with new techniques and an optional digital component allow doctors to collect full arch records in a simplified, accurate, and patient/team-pleasing fashion. This presentation discusses the processes and advantages of each technique and the tools needed.
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The Three Appointment Digital Denture (live event)

August 11, 2021  |  Independence, OH
This course is a must for all dental team members who are looking for a better understanding of the how’s and why’s of the digital denture workflow.Methods of creating and fabricating removable prosthetics have seen relatively minor changes in the past… that is, until now. The development and adaptation of computer designed and machine manufactured prosthetics are here – and changing the way we are accomplishing the clinical and laboratory steps for complete dentures!
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Today's Guided Surgery from Simple to Full Arch Rehabilitation (webinar)

August 18, 2021  |  Online
This program will being the attendee up to speed on today’s guided technology including guide options from single to full arch. The attendee will learn about guided kits, immediate provisional options, a new platform ROE utilizes with OEM componentry, records for surgical guide and more.
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CHROME GuidedSMILE Live Course (live event)

September 18, 2021  |  Virginia Beach, VA
CHROME GuidedSMILE is the premier fully guided All-On-X service in the industry. This course will present and live-demonstrate C2F Small Hole Technology and systems and protocols to completing CHROME cases. Attendees will be brought up-to-speed on the latest technology, surgical steps, simplified conversions and materials. This course offers a hands-on component for the new extra-oral process, LIVE surgery demonstration, and Q&A with leading CHROME experts.
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Implant Placement for the General Dentist (live event)

October 29, 2021  |  Independence, OH
This course, which includes a live implant surgery, is designed for General Dentists who have never placed an implant, to teach the skills necessary to properly diagnose, treatment plan, and surgically place implants. Jeffrey Gross, DDS, FAGD will educate attendees on the economics of starting an implant practice, ideal case selection and crown down case planning, atraumatic extractions, grafting and suturing techniques, drilling protocol, essential surgical techniques, hands-on implant placement on models, along with additional topics necessary to start placing implants.
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Online Education

CHROME Component Deep Dive Series

Watch this 6-part CHROME Live Webinar Series. This series will cover The CHROME Records, Pin Guide & Fixation Base, Osteotomy Guide & Carrier Guide, Nano-Ceramic Prosthetic & RAPID Appliance, Full Arch Case Analysis and Prosthetic Conversion Tips
Watch this series and learn how to be successful in these aspects of CHROME

Managing Speech Complications of Full Arch Fixed Hybrid Cases

This 8-part series addresses why speech complications can arise from full arch fixed cases, and what actions can be taken chairside. Practical solutions are provided per phonetic group enabling doctors and patients to see immediate effect. Implementing these solutions can reduce the number of appointments necessary saving time and money for all involved.
Watch this series and learn how to address speech complications resulting from full arch fixed hybrid cases

Managing Digital Impressions

Watch this series of videos on how to more effectively utilize your digital scanner in your practice for maximum impact. Learn how to scan dentures, bite blocks and iJIG's, learn how to export these records from your digital system, and learn how to send these records to ROE. Digital records can result in more accurate product manufacture, quicker lab turnaround times, and can provide cost savings on certain products.
Watch these videos on how to maximize the usefulness of your scanner

How to Export DICOM From Your CBCT

Exporting CBCT records has proven to be a challenge for many dental practices. Learn how to export DICOM records from 16 of the leading systems on the market, how to effectively name and package these records, and how to send them to ROE.
Watch these videos on how to export and transfer you DICOM records