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Dental Education

Check back regularly as we update frequently. Look forward to seeing you at our next event. For courses that take place in Independence, Ohio, please check out local transportation, accommodation and dining facilities.

ROE hosts and sponsors CE, and non-CE, educational events locally, nationally, and internationally. Sign up to get updates on upcoming events that we are holding, sponsoring or attending. Stay in the know!

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Live Meeting
Online Education

The Pathway to Transition Toward Digital Dentures

Wed, February 3, 2021 | 12:30 – 1:30pm
This is a brief program to present the essential information that a clinician who is interested in transitioning to digital dentures must have. Listen to Dr Frank Lauciello as he goes through the necessary workflows that will enable a successful transition.
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The Dental Management of Sleep Apnea

April 23-24, 2021 | 8:00am – 5:00pm
Whether this is your first foray into Dental Sleep Medicine or you’ve had a few false starts, our courses are the next step you need to THRIVE in Dental Sleep Medicine. Our 2 day seminars give you the education you want to take action you need. Sure, you’ll learn a lot. So will your team.
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CHROME live 11-part webinar series

Watch the 11-part CHROME Live Webinar Series. This series will cover CHROME records, the Pin Guide, the Fixation Base, the Osteotomy Guide, the Carrier Guide, the Nano-ceramic Prosthetic, the RAPID Appliance, how to conduct a full arch analysis, dental practice workflows, the role of digital dentures, the mid-market DentureGUIDE solution, and CHROME surgical protocols.
Watch this series and learn how to be successful in all aspects of CHROME

Managing Speech Complications of Full Arch Fixed Hybrid Cases

This 8-part series addresses why speech complications can arise from full arch fixed cases, and what actions can be taken chairside. Practical solutions are provided per phonetic group enabling doctors and patients to see immediate effect. Implementing these solutions can reduce the number of appointments necessary saving time and money for all involved.
Watch this series and learn how to address speech complications resulting from full arch fixed hybrid cases

How to Utilize Your Digital Scanner More Effectively

Watch this series of videos on how to more effectively utilize your digital scanner in your practice for maximum impact. Learn how to scan dentures, bite blocks and iJIG’s, learn how to export these records from your digital system, and learn how to send these records to ROE. Digital records can result in more accurate product manufacture, quicker lab turnaround times, and can provide cost savings on certain products.
Watch these videos on how to maximize the usefulness of your scanner

How to Export DICOM From Your CBCT

Exporting CBCT records has proven to be a challenge for many dental practices. Learn how to export DICOM records from 16 of the leading systems on the market, how to effectively name and package these records, and how to send them to ROE.
Watch these videos on how to export and transfer you DICOM records