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Course Series "All-On4" and "Revitalize, Zimmer Dental"

Course 2 & 3 Gahanna, Ohio, "Revitalize, A Novel Implant Supported Restorative Solution" w/ Zimmer Dental

Sponsor: James P. Ellis, DDS, MS, Surgeon - Certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surcdtgery

Location: Computer Helper Publishing, 450 Beecher Rd, Gahanna Oh, 43230

Date: April 23 & May 29 Time: Evening 6:30 - 8:30 Speaker: Joe Ambrose CDT Format: Lecture 2 hours Cost: $0 2 CEU

The Program

Course Description: 
"All-On-4" and "Revitalize" are all based upon Nobel's Teeth-In-A-Day concept, a very popular method of restoring edentulous patients and patients with failed dentition. Generally, this service is synonymous with immediate placement of 4 implants and subsequent seating of a provisional restoration during one surgical procedure in one day. This procedure has been completed successfully thousands of times throughout world. However there are alternatives to this particular procedure. Patients can receive more than 4 implants; it is not required that the provisional restoration be loaded immediately; new methods allow less alveoplasty; alternative restorative materials have emerged recently; and more. During the course we will share these concepts.

ROE has assisted chairside with and fabricated restorations for hundreds of cases. We'v

Attendees of this course will learn the All-In-One-Day procedure. Discussion will include presurgical steps, design of the provisional appliance, surgical procedures including bone reduction, guided surgery, non-guided surgery, two methods for immediate loading the provisional prosthesis, in-office laboratory process, and final prosthetic restorative procedures and options.

Doctors are welcome to bring pretreatment casts to the course to discuss.

The Presenter

Joe Ambrose CDT - Joe has served as ROE Dental Laboratory’s Technical Director from 1985 to present. He is responsible for overseeing ROE’s technician education program, coordinating complex and multi-department restorations, and quality control. He is an implant specialist who has worked with doctors worldwide over the last seven years virtually planning and providing surgical guides for thousands of successful cases.



Understanding All-Ceramics - Techno-Clinical Perspectives and Clinical Tips for Success

Speaker: Dr. Damon Adams, Editor in Chief of Dentistry Today

Location: Computer Helper Publishing, 450 Beecher Rd, Columbus Ohio 44230

Date: April 25, 2014 Time: 8:00 - 8:30 Registration 8:30 - 4:30 Lecture

Format: Lecture 7 hours Register: Call 216 663 2233 ext 306 Cost: $125

Course Description:

Knowledge of the latest indirect dental materials is vital to maximizing the aesthetic and functional success of your team-created restorations. Dental materials are sometimes being brought to market and being widely used in patients without adequate science-based evidence. Dr. Adams will help you increase your understanding of the most advanced materials with the goal of making better-informed choices. A basic knowledge of today’s all-ceramic materials is also a must for today’s assistants and hygienists, allowing them to explain, discuss, and support treatment plans presented to patients that include these advanced aesthetic options.
This full-day science-based presentation is recommended for doctors.

Learning Objectives:
 What are the clinical factors that can make the difference between success and failure for your all-ceramic cases?
 What you and your office team can do to help the laboratory team give back the best result
 The basics classifications of the all-ceramic materials currently available
 Advantages and disadvantages of each class of modern all-ceramic materials
 A review of some of the latest developments and innovations in the world of all-ceramics
 How to minimize all-ceramic fractures/ failures to reduce stress and increase profits
 100% zirconium restorations: Evidence-based data versus future challenges?
 New coping designs for HIP’d zirconia. Should our labs be slow cooling, or fast cooling zirconia restorations? Myths versus research!
 What are the best cements for all-ceramics available today? The latest approaches to increase bond strength and decrease microleakage. Curing challenges under ACs?
 An update on surface treatments for all-ceramics. Making it much simpler!
 Treatment planning considerations for all-ceramics: opening the doctor-technician channels
 Are all-ceramics always the best choice? What are some of the best alternatives?
 The role of occlusion in the function and longevity of all-ceramics
 Ways to improve bite registrations for your dental lab team to ensure better occlusal results

Dr. Damon C. Adams

The Presenter
Dr. Damon C. Adams, a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Toledo, College of Medicine (dental residency program). He lectures internationally focusing on updates in dental materials, the latest trends and innovations in dentistry, doctor-technician relationships and techno-clinical perspectives. He also facilitates hands-on preparation workshops designed to optimize the utilization of all-ceramic systems. In addition to his years in private practice, he has had the opportunity to serve as a doctor-technician liaison for numerous dental laboratories throughout North America since 1996. Dr. Adams is the editor-in-chief of Dentistry Today and, prior to taking this position, was listed in Dentistry Today’s Leaders in Continuing Education for 7 years until becoming the chairman for the Leaders Selection Board. In addition, he also serves on the Advisory Board for Spectrum Dialogue (Palmeri Publications). Dr. Adams is a member of the ADA, AGD, AACD, SCAD, and the National Association of Dental Laboratories.



Dear Dr. Adams, “Dear fellow U of Mich graduate! I do think that your first name is misspelled, it should be spelled: Diamond instead of Damon, your intro to the first lecture being so full of brilliant light! Again thank you for the quality of your lectures, you are a great mind!”    Dr. Jacques Ciepielewski

Damon.           “Let me honestly tell you that your lecture was the best I saw...  You cruised through a lot of great points without belaboring over any too long, you were light hearted without trying to be a comedian…” Tom Northway DDS

Hi Damon,      “ Wow!! I'm so glad that I got to sit in on your AM session….  In my opinion, you are already a world class speaker with a relevant choice of material to cover.  Your delivery is relaxed and engaging…..with just enough humor thrown in.  You may not realize how good you are so I am telling you!! …..and you should know that I am a CE junky of sorts and have sat through zillions of presentations….. You're a "head-liner" bro……”  Dr. "Marty" Goldstein

Hello Dr Adams,   “I attended your seminar yesterday at the CDS MWM and I REALLY enjoyed it. 
It was truly enlightening to learn more about the different types of ceramics that there are available for crowns and to have them organized.  I look forward to going through the notes again just to get a better understanding of each. …I was concerned more about the harm they could do to the opposing dentition and did not think about the supporting periodontium itself.   Sincerely, Kathy Zuccarelli DDS

Dr. Adams,     “Thanks for a very informative and comprehensive lecture. I certainly learned more today than I did in dental school on this topic. Thank you!” Dr. Lindsay Lichtenberg

Damon,           “Thank you for your honest and insightful lecture on ceramics at the Chicago Mid Winter meeting. 
Thank You,”    Steven J Horn DDS

Hi Dr. Adams, “Thanks for the great presentations in Chicago on ceramics, both morning an afternoon.
Thanks,”          Jeff Canfield, DDS

Hi Dr. Adams,             “Thank you for an exquisite two lectures on ceramics. You take a very dry subject, and with your enthusiasm super charge the audience and hold our interest the entire time. Thank you for a wonderful day of learning. May you always have the strength to carry on our noble profession.” Clifford Prince DDS.

Damon,    “I attended both sessions of your lecture in Chicago and found them very informative and helpful.”  Thank you, Dave Schumer

Hello Dr Adams, “ Your lecture today at the CDS midwinter meeting on all ceramics was fantastic. Thank you again for sharing. Regards,” Stefan Bergeron 
Hi  Dr. Damon     “It is very, very nice lecture. If you don't mind could you send me your slides? Thank youYour sincerely” Dr. Elif Ay( from Turkey , Istanbul)



World class lecture yesterday!!!!!  “All-In-One-Day  Place & Restore Implants”
Dr. Gary Woznicki

ROE, (Damon Adams DDS – “Understanding All-Ceramics”
"Thanks again for the outstanding evening course, and dinner both nights. The course content was outstanding, and well organized. The expertise, and experience level, demonstrated by Joe and Jason was impressive. Once again, ROE reflected their leadership in digital dentistry, and commitment to clinical excellence and provider education."
Regards, Jon Bradrick, DDS VA Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio

ROE (Joe Ambrose CDT, “CBCT Planning A-Z”)
"Thank you so much for the follow up. I thought the meeting and lecture was very well organized and worth while. Looking forward to next week. "
Bonnie Brown DDS