Denture Design Services

ROE’s Digital Design Service Empowers Your In-Office 3D Printing

ROE Dental Laboratory offers a premium design service for clients desiring to print full dentures in-office. During our years of offering this service, we’ve developed many options for clinical records acquisition to order digital denture designs to meet any patient scenario.

Scanning Options for EXISTING Prosthetics

Immediate Denture

Scan patient or master casts
Capture all land areas normally captured for immediate dentures.

Duplicate Denture

Scan existing denture
Scan must include intaglio, palatal seal, borders, and teeth.

Improved Denture

Scan existing denture with wash
Scan must include intaglio, palatal seal, borders, and teeth. Trim excess flash from PVS wash. Include opposing and bite.

Duplicate Denture

CBCT scan existing denture
Place denture on foam, scan, and upload .DCM files. Use Blue Mousse to reline – never soft reline products.

Scanning Options for NEW Prosthetics

New Denture

Scan tissue for custom tray
Capture all land areas and upload.

New Denture

Scan bite rims
Follow standard bite rim adjustment protocols, take full smile photos, and scan.

0-2 Days

Lab Working Time


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Expedited same-day designs are available. Call your technical representative for pricing.