Which of these FOUR Surgical Protocols are BEST for Grammetry?

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Hey it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and we’re talking Grammetry today. We have been asked questions regarding “what is the best surgical protocol to execute a perfect Grammetry case? Is it freehand or is it guided with some bone reduction?” At ROE, we would LOVE to make a nice accurate guide for the bone reduction and implant placement, but for those freehand doctors out there Grammetry is also a great solution. You can use indexing as far as your fiducials, you can use the surgical tads, you can use arch tracers sold directly from ROE, and of course, you can use the existing dentition. There’s also the option to use a denture as well. So go ahead with the freehand surgery, seat your multi-units, screw the OptiSplint into the multi-units, and once that’s luted together with the included metal mesh, remove the OptiSplint and move forward with your post-surgery scan, grabbing the fiducials. Then you will scan the OptiSplint on the table, giving you a nice extraoral scan so you don’t have to worry about blood and saliva in the field while you’re scanning the OptiSplint, which is very nice.

For those doctors that do want to go guided surgery, we have the CombiGuide. This is your bone reduction guide and osteotomy guide all in one. The nice thing about the CombiGuide is that it’s also your fiducial marker. We can also make a very nice, economical guide for you freehand doctors that are thinking about going guided. There are a lot of advantages to this: number one is that your fiducial marker, the bone reduction guide, stays in the mouth prior to and post-surgery, and it’s economical; you’re saving time on bone reduction as we already did that planning for you. You know exactly where to reduce the bone. And then, of course, implant placement. The CombiGuide is a stackable guide that’s very easy to use. Once bone is reduced, then move forward with surgery; place the implants, seat the multi-unit abutments, lute the OptiSplint, and take your post-surgery records. For any questions on this, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below and someone will get right back to you. Be sure to check us out on our website, specifically the Grammetry page where we have a ton of info on records and surgical protocols pre and post-surgery, and then as always, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for amazing content like this. Thank you!


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