What Records Should You Send ROE for Your Surgical Guide Needs?

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and we are a full service dental lab. And with that full service we provide guided surgery planning and we fabricate surgical guides as well. As far as the surgical guides, we offer bone supported guides, tooth supported guides and tissue supported guides for your one tooth, one implant surgeries all the way up through full arch guided surgery. Today I want to focus on the records. So really no matter what type of guide we’re going to fabricate, we always ask for an upper, lower, and bite records. Those can be sent to us digitally or traditional records. With those records, we also need a CBCT. Now that can also be sent to us through our lab portal, so once you register for an account, you can upload all the records through the portal, the CBCT. We want to make sure that when you export that, that you save it to your desktop and then zip the file.

This just allows for the file to be sent to us faster and it’s easier for us to open as well. Once we receive your records, it takes us three days to verify the records, and plan the case, and then we send a link out to you to schedule your online meeting and you can meet with one of our planners. We go over the entire case for you, discuss implant positioning. You can make any changes you’d like to that plan. Once you approve that plan, then we fabricate the guide and ship it out to you. For any questions related to surgical guides or any of our products leave a comment down in the section below and we will answer that right away. Also, check us out at our website listed here, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for great videos on everything dental. Thank you.


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