What is the workflow for a tissue supported surgical guide?

Workflow Steps for a Tissue Supported Surgical Guide

Understanding the necessary workflow steps of a tissue supported surgical guide is important for operative success. Below is a definitive step-by-step process.

Step Tissue Supported
1. Inspect guide for proper implant sites placement as well as proper design and sizing for any instrumentation.
2. Seat guide intraorally securely onto the tissue surface and verify in a window, if present, of a full seat. If there is a rocking, adjust if possible for full seat. If full seat is not possible, must being with new records.

  • If fixation pins are included: firmly hold the guide in position and drill the buccal holes, and place the pins through the guide. If the guide has integrated teeth, as the denture scan appliance, close patient in the bite to set the fixation.
  • Without fixation screws or pins: firmly hold the guide in position.
3. Drill the osteotomies to completion following the provided drill report as well as following the Guided Kit and implant company’s protocol.

  • If Fully Guided Kit is utilized, and allows implant placement through the guide, proceed.
  • If Fully Guided Kit is not utilized, remove guide and place implants.
4. Complete bone and tissue desired procedure to finish of the surgery.

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