What is the BEST Surgical Protocol for OptiSplint?

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Hey it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and today, I want to hit on the topic of Grammetry, and what’s the ideal or most effective surgical protocol when using our Grammetry solution with OptiSplint. So, of course, there are two ways to get your surgery done: there’s a freehand protocol and there is a guided protocol. Let’s start with the guided protocol. First, we have our solution called the CombiGuide. The CombiGuide is your bone reduction guide that is a fixation base pinned in the mouth, and it’s a stackable system where once you reduce your bone down to a nice flat plane using the fixation base,
then you insert the osteotomy guide, place the implants, and you’re off and running to a nice immediate load prosthesis. Now, because that fixation base is pinned in the mouth, that’s your fiducial marker.

There’s no need for registration tads, and there’s no need to leave existing dentition when you’re going through your Grammetry records. Your pre-surgical scan is going to be once your fixation base is in the mouth, before you extract the teeth. Take the pre-surgical scan with the fixation base, then continue on with surgery; extract teeth, place the implants, do your post-surgical scan, and send those scans to us. If you don’t want a guided surgical protocol, that’s no problem. Grammetry works with that as well. You will want to either have surgical tads or leave some of the existing teeth as the fiducial, and there’s an edentulous protocol as well that you can do if you’re doing freehand surgery.

So with freehand, take your pre-surgical records, go through the surgery, insert the OptiSplint, take your scans, and then do the post-surgical scan with the edentulous protocol and send those scans to us and we are off and running, making you a nice design for your immediate load prosthesis, direct to multi-unit abutments. The best thing about this is how accurate the process is. All you need is your intraoral scanner. If you have any questions on this process, leave them in the comments section below, and check out our website for more information on Grammetry and to answer all of your questions. And finally, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for great videos like these on Grammetry and everything else new and exciting in the dental lab world. Thank you!


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