Valplast Dentures for Complex Patient Cases

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Valplast is a nice alternative to the traditional partial denture. It can be designed in the same design as traditional metal partials, yet it is flexible, it’s comfortable, it’s resistant to breakage and to wear, and is more aesthetic than traditional metal partials. It even comes in unique designs. This is a very unique design that Roe developed years ago called a valplast swing lock. If the patient only has anterior teeth remaining and there’s no chance for any type of retention and there’s no undercut, then you simply snap the gate and hold the partial in place with a valplast swing lock. One contraindication to valplast is that there are no rest seats, and therefore, as a patient masticate, the partial denture can be pushed and pressured on the tissue, and over long term can resorb the tissue and resorb the ridge. That is why many years ago we started designing and fabricating hybrid valplast cases where there is still a rest seat and there is lingual support in rest seats here, so that the partial always is too supported so that during mastication, the teeth are preventing it from hitting the ridge.

It’s a very nice design and one of the other reasons you use metal is because if a patient is going to lose a tooth in the future, it’s simple to just simply modify the partial and add to it as opposed to remaking it. With valplast, you have aesthetic labial clasping in the aesthetic zone and then metal clasping for reciprocating, so it’s a very nice design. As you can see on this partial, there’s also a tooth color clasp, which we discontinued a few years ago just because they’re not nearly as aesthetic as a pink, and the pink will go higher into the contour, closer to the gingival and really be nice, nicely blended and massed with the patient’s existing tissue. This is a Valplast hybrid, really nice alternative. So as you can see, a valplast can be a nice replacement instead of the traditional partial venture.


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