What are Two Options for Screw Retained Implant Crowns?

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and today’s video we are going to talk about implant crowns and specifically our screw retained implant crowns. We have a couple different options with our screw retained crowns. We have our TLZ SR, which the TLZ is the type of zirconia, very aesthetics, zirconia, and the SR of course stands for screw retained, which can be used with a ti-base, which is probably the most popular crown screw, retain crown, or we can make custom milled abutments. We are an FDA cleared facility that mills abutments here in-house onsite at our lab, but with our TLZ SR. We do have a couple different options in how we deliver it to you. Most doctors have it where we cement it here in the lab, cement the crown on the ti-base, ship it back for seating.

There’s also an option to have the ti-base and the crown separate. Then they can try them in seat, the ti-base, screw it down, make sure it seats perfectly, and then you have the crown seated on there. Make sure everything looks good, remove it, cement it outside the mouth, and then reset. As far as records for our screw, retain crowns, we just need very simple upper lower bite and those can be sent in digitally or traditional records. There is a little faster turnaround time on the digital process. If you have any other questions on our TLZ SR or any product we have, leave them in the comments section below. Please check us out at our website and also subscribe to the YouTube channel for great informational videos like this one.


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