Transition Toward Digital Dentures: The Bottom Line – Final Thoughts

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Rewritten Transcript

At the core of our objectives lies effective communication. Any adjustments we make must be approached with heightened attentiveness and clear communication to the laboratory. Utilizing various tools or methods for communication aids the laboratory in understanding our needs accurately. While skilled technicians can often decipher discrepancies, facilitating a dialogue is paramount.

The advancements in graphics technology have revolutionized our ability to convey changes seamlessly. My aim, particularly for insertion appointments, is to minimize surprises. Ensuring a precise fit not only streamlines the process but also enhances patient satisfaction. Imagine the discomfort of inserting ill-fitted dentures without the chance for adjustments.

Reducing the need for post-insertion adjustments not only saves time but also mitigates infection risks associated with excessive grinding. Proactive design allows for smoother insertions and minimizes the intensity of subsequent visits. This shift not only reduces the frequency of visits but also the overall complexity of procedures.

Embarking on this journey may seem daunting at first, but the benefits are profound. Starting with cases that align with your existing workflow is advisable. As we strive for success, it’s essential to prioritize patient care and strive for excellence in prosthetic delivery.

Collaboration between clinical and laboratory teams, aided by digital technology, has elevated our ability to provide comprehensive patient care. Our partnership with Ivoclar Vivadent underscores our commitment to innovation and quality. Your participation is valued, and I wish you success in embracing this transformative experience.

As someone with extensive experience in denture procedures, I find great joy in guiding colleagues through their initial cases. Persistence is key; if initial attempts yield unsatisfactory results, reassessing communication strategies is crucial. Ultimately, clinical practitioners bear the responsibility of effectively conveying patient needs to the laboratory.

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