What are the differences between a ti-base and a custom milled abutment?

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Hey, it’s Chris with ROE Dental Laboratory, and today we’re talking ti-bases and custom milled abutments and what are the differences. Now, here at ROE Dental Lab, we can of course offer both services. We are a full service lab, so we can offer you a crown on a tie base, a stock tie base, or a custom milled abutment. We are an FDA cleared facility, two mill abutments in-house here at ROE, so there’s no timing issues for most implant systems. As far as the ti-base, what is that? That’s a stock part that comes from your implant company. We can also provide that for you, and it’s just a smaller abutment where the crown goes on top of and you cement it chairside. These are for implant crowns, and then your custom milled abutment. Well, that is a piece of titanium called a ti blank or titanium blank that we insert into our milling machine, and we design a nice custom abutment for you.

Those would be more for implants that are maybe not placed perfect, and we need to make up some correct, some angulation for anterior cases as well. We can design just the emergence a little bit better on a custom milled abutment, and then of course, design a very nice crown to that. So if you have any questions, hopefully that clears up a little bit about the differences of a ti-base versus a custom milled abutment. Each kind of have their place in the world of dentistry. So any questions, let us know in the comment section. We’ll get right back to you. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and check us out at our website. Thank you.


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