The Simplicity of Scanning the CombiGuide for a Grammetry Case

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Today, we are going to show the scanning of a CombiGuide using the Straumann Virtuo Vivo scanner. This is going to be in conjunction with Grammetry for digitizing a case.So what we’ve done is we’ve roughened up the surface of the Fixation Base, you can see it’s shiny underneath. Scanners have a tough time picking this up, but the occlusal as well as the facial are roughened up so that you can get a good scan. So what we’re going to do is, with most Grammetry protocols, there are going to be two scans. The first one is as soon as it’s seated and the teeth are still in the mouth. You’re going to scan the metal and you’re going to scan the bone of the teeth. Then, when the teeth are out and the implants and the multi-unit abutments are in, then the Carrier Guide is seated. It’s got a roughened surface. You can see how it’s a rough surface, and the software will pick it up nicely. So now I’m going to show scanning it with the Virtuo Vivo scanner and how nicely it scans. We’re going to scan it, and you can see the roughened surface is coming up very nicely, and there will be healing collars in each one of those holes. So you’ll just scan around the arch in the mouth. You can’t get this level of accuracy when the CombiGuide has a clear Carrier Guide or even a roughened clear Carrier Guide. The scan will not pick it up. However, if we have this tooth color material with supports on it, it will capture nicely. You can kind of zoom in there, move it a little closer to the screen to show what this looks like. As you can see, the scan clearly shows how rough it is. You can see how easy it is to scan as well. So that’s the process of scanning the CombiGuide in the mouth.


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