The OPTIMAL Way To Capture Full Arch Grammetry Records

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and today, I’m talking to you about this guy right here: the OptiSplint. What is it, and how does it work? At ROE, we have a solution called Grammetry, and this is to get you a VERY passive, accurate fitting immediate load prosthesis and, of course, final restoration that seat direct to multi-unit abutments. It’s a phenomenal solution, and all you need to attain it is your intraoral scanner. That’s all; you don’t need any special, expensive equipment. If you have an intraoral scanner, you can do Grammetry and have very accurate immediate-load prosthetics seating direct to multi-unit abutment. So, what’s in the box? Let’s take a look.

Grammetry is a very cost-effective solution compared to photogrammetry, coming in at one percent of the total cost. And again, all you need is your intraoral scanner. So, digging in, we have these scan bodies, called OptiSplint. Just like your standard scan body, it’s going to screw right into your multi-unit abutment. If you want to go into more detail on how this actually works, we have a bunch of great videos on Grammetry. This video is more of just introducing the OptiSplint itself. Each kit contains six OptiSplint scan bodies, which all are connected in the mouth via this metal framework. The nice thing is that once you loot these together, it’s not going to move and we can make an accurate model from this OptiSplint. You just send us the OptiSplint, and we are going to make a nice model. And again, we’re going to create a nice, great-fitting passive zirconia restoration to this model. And that’s one HUGE benefit that Grammetry has over photogrammetry: we can create an analog mode.

Some may say you don’t need one, but with zirconia, you always want to make sure everything’s nice and passive, so why not make a model? Leave it up to the lab, and we’ll make it perfect for you. So once you have this kit, it’s going to be enough for one patient. Again, there are six scan bodies in each kit, so if you need additional, we can get this a la carte to you. Once you have these luted together, you send the OptiSplint to us and we’re going to make a model for the final zirconia restoration. Each OptiSplint is patient-specific, so you will purchase one of these for each patient, and it’s such a low cost, making it a great solution that anyone can do with their intraoral scanner. So please, contact us and ask us any questions in the comments section below, and we’ll get right back to you. Be sure to check us out on our website where we have an entire Grammetry section that covers all the ins and outs of the process and how Grammetry can work for you using only your intraoral scanner. And finally, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more information on Grammetry and all the other services we offer here at ROE Dental Laboratory. Thank you!


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