The Freehand Surgery – Grammetry Relationship

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and we are talking Grammetry today. Specifically, I want to talk about the Grammetry freehand protocol. At ROE, we make great surgical guides for bone reduction and osteotomy placement, but we know that not everybody wants to go that route.

A question we get asked by freehand doctors is “what is the protocol? Is it similar to photogrammetry?” It’s the exact same protocol for Grammetry as it is for photogrammetry. For the freehand doctors out there, we still need your fiducial scans and pre-surgical records, whether that is surgical tads, existing teeth, Arch Tracers that are sold on our website and get pinned into the facial bone, or you can go the denture route. Regardless, pre-surgical records establish a nice bite vertical with the tads, and then you move forward with your surgery, bone reduction, etc. Then place your multi-units. Next, you’re going to take the OptiSplint, and place that on the MUAs, and then we include this metal mesh; there’s two options for the mesh sizing that come in the box. Pick whichever works for your case, place the mesh, lute it into place, cure it, and then unscrew the OptiSplint from the multi-units, setting that aside.

Meanwhile, you’re going to take your intraoral scanner and you’re going to scan the healing abutments on the MUAs, and scan your post-surgery area, capturing the healing abutments and capturing your fiducial marker, whatever that might be. The next scan is going to be extraoral: take your intraoral scanner and scan the OptiSplint outside the mouth. Once that’s done, upload every scan to the lab and we’re going to design you a nice prosthesis, seating direct to multi-unit abutments and coping free for you to print in-office. We have multiple options for that as well as far as turnaround times; you can do a two-hour turnaround, or we can do a 24, 48, or 96 hour turnaround time on the designs. Whatever works best for you, we can accommodate, whether it’s immediate load or a little bit of a delayed load.

If you don’t want to do the printing in-office, then send us your records and we’re going to fabricate a nice prosthesis here at ROE, and ship it back to you in just a few days. Again, we’re here for the freehand doctors with Grammetry, we have a very nice protocol for that. We’d love to work with everyone on the Grammetry front and get you all some really great prosthesis direct to multi-unit abutment. For any questions on Grammetry, check us out our website, and for additional questions on how it can work with freehand surgery, leave them in the comments section below and we’ll get right back to you. And finally, subscribe to our YouTube channel for great content like this. Thank you!


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