The Contents of a Grammetry Case

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This video is going to cover the Grammetry kit that we send out Grammetry cases in. Whenever you place an order for a Grammetry kit, for a single arch case or double arch case, it will arrive in this box. And today, we are going to go through what’s in the box. This is the Grammetry case. It has all the contents you need for single or double arch surgeries. This hard case has a label, and also comes with a UPS label for returning to the lab. We pre-apply this to the box for a simple return through UPS ground, or second-day shipping. You can actually print a faster return label on our website.

So, what’s in the box? In the lid, we have a step-by-step for one of the most common Grammetry procedures, using screws and tads as the fiducial reference for the bite. We also have the rest of the workflows on our website, which you can access by scanning the included QR code. And for your team to learn more about Grammetry and really be up to date on this, have them scan the second QR code. This will take them to a series of videos on “What is Grammetry”, and then this last QR code on how to package up your Grammetry case and return it to your lab. It’s just some step by steps to help you configure the contents a certain way so they don’t shuffle during shipping. The contents are two clear tape straps that will keep the case shut once you’re shipping it back to the lab. We also include a tube of Stellar material; this is the material that we recommend for luting the OptiSplint in the mouth when you’re assembling it to the frame.

We also have two Grammetry kits. In this case, the doctor ordered an upper and a lower arch. You can remove them and check them to be sure that they are correct before the day of surgery. These kits are Nobel compatible, which is just Nobel screws to hold the OptiSplint scan bodies down. This kit is also specified for six implants. That’s times two for two kits. Next, these are cushioned containers so that when you have the OptiSplints luted and cured, and you’re ready to return them for the restorative phase of the restoration months down the road, they’re protected in here. The cases are cushioned, so they’ll be protected and stable during shipping, and not bouncing around. It’s very important that you also have a set of snippers, which you can use to trim down the frames in case one is not contacting on all the OptiSplint scan bodies during the pickup.

Finally, we have the Grammetry calibration device. If you are new to printing, or have a new printer, or maybe a new resin, you’ll want to have this on hand. We will email you a file of the calibration bar to screw down onto this to make sure that your printer is calibrated and ready for surgery for same-day printing. Each kit also comes with a set of arch tracers which you can use instead of traditional bone screws. So those are the contents of the Grammetry kit when it arrives for your next case.


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