The Complete Timeline for a CHROME GuidedSMILE Case

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Hey, it’s Chris with ROE Dental Laboratory, and today we are talking about CHROME GuidedSMILE and the timeline it takes to get a CHROME case back to you. So initially, once we get all the records in, and we help you out with getting those in by our records checklist. So depending on the patient’s current condition, we have a checklist that you can print off and it tells you exactly what we’re looking for on those records. Once the records are in the lab, it takes us about a day to evaluate. During that evaluation, if we see something wrong, if we need something else, we have to put the case on hold and then we contact your office to get the appropriate records. Once we get the perfect records to start planning CHROME, it takes us five business days to work that case up. And then we’re going to get an online meeting scheduled.

Now, probably about day three or four, we send you an email to schedule your online meeting until that online meeting is scheduled. The case goes on hold again, so it might be two, three days just to match up your schedule with one of our planners to make sure we can get you in there. So case is on pause once the records and the case is worked up and that email goes out to schedule. Once you jump online with our planner and you go over the plan, everything looks great, plans approved, it takes us 10 business days to fabricate CHROME and the prosthetics, and then we ship it out to your office. So usually it’s a two day ship once the product’s fabricated and shipped out. So it’s very, very important to understand that if we don’t have the right records, that case goes on hold and it kind of sits there.

And what usually helps holds these cases up are the records. So please print off the checklist that we provide you. It’s very important. And if there’s any questions, you can actually schedule some time with our guided surgery team and while the patient’s in your office, you can send the records to us and we’ll evaluate them right there for you to make sure everything’s perfect because we want to make sure this case moves along as smoothly as possible for you and the patient. Any questions, leave them in the comment section below and we’ll get right back to you. Also, please check us out at our website at And if you could please subscribe to our YouTube page for excellent videos like these on everything dental. Thank you.


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