What are the Benefits Of Coping Free Zirconia?

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For the past year, we have made hundreds of Coping Free Zirconias within our dental community, making sure that it’s ready for you. Coping Free Zirconias have no cement, and of course no copings. There is less need for space down near the abutment for materials. Instead, it’s direct to multi-unit, it makes it stronger. When you have cement next to the tissue it can be a little bit of a bio issue, so if there’s no coping, no cement, very clean. Coping free prosthetics are model free, and they’re articulation free generally. So if you’re involved in photogrammetry or grammetry, you just simply send us your digital records, or we scan them and we go direct to the multi-unit without all the hassle of articulation. Whenever we put copings in a zirconia restoration, we do it on the model under pressure, sometimes even in articulation, because you have to put the copings in with the cement to get them in the right place. Coping free is more accurate, and we simply put the analogs in. We know it’s perfect, and out the door it goes. The cost is less. No copings, less labor, no cement. We pass that savings onto you, so start ordering coping free today.


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