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One of the main keys to success is correct patient records, especially with full-arch guided surgery. After making many thousands of cases, we find that at least six out of ten cases after all these years, still six out of10 cases stop at the record collection. And what that means is that either it’s something missing or it’s just incorrect and we can’t move forward. So we offer a few services. One is we have an entire team that works the phones and computer, email and so forth that can meet with you live while your patient is still in the chair. So instead of dismissing the patient, if there’s any question on your end of whether a record is correct or not, just simply call us or you can book with us. You can schedule your meeting. If you have a patient appointment next Thursday, just book it and we’ll be ready for you.

Otherwise, even on the spot, you have a patient in the chair, let ’em wait, upload the records, complete the rx. We’ll have a look at it in real time with you and make sure they look good before your patient’s dismissed so they don’t have to come back. Another is, you know, upload the records. We’ll do our full evaluation and give you some feedback. But we’d really like for you to know the records before you start collecting them and before you start uploading. So, one of the things that we’ve done recently is we’ve made what is a patient record booklet, and this is specifically for full-arch cases and for us, for GuidedSMILE. So in this book there are some fundamentals, you know fundamentals of how to take a photograph, fundamentals of a dual scan, like all the elements of a dual scan.

They’re simple once you know them but you have to learn them. There’s a lot of little intricacies with it. But this book will have a chapter essentially on every situation. For instance, you have a single arch GuidedSMILE case, but you have an opposing partial or an opposing denture. What are the records? You have a patient with an edentulous maxilla, but you have a partially edentulous mandible. What are the records? We break down just about every situation, and if they’re not in the booklet call us or follow those things we already talked about. Keep the patient in the chair, upload them, we’ll analyze them and expect one of these books in every one of your cases moving forward. Thank you.


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