Snap-On Smile – ROE’s Temporary Veneer Option for Dentists

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Hey, it’s Chris with Row Dental Laboratory and today’s discussion is going to be on the Snap on Smile. We get questions. Do we offer Snap on Smile? Of course we offer Snap On Smile. We are a full service dental laboratory. So what is a snap on smile? It’s a provisional or temporary teeth that gets snapped in just like a partial and it’s really a temporary smile fix. Some people refer to them as party teeth, so as they go out and about in public, they can put their teeth in and look like they have that perfect Hollywood smile without the expense. Of course, one thing we recommend with our Snap on Smiles and we can kind of help you sell this to the patient as well, is we can do a mockup smile for them. So just a full face, full smile photo and we can do a very nice digital mockup of what they can look with their new Snap on Smile.

As I mentioned, it is similar to a partial, so the care is the same as far as daily cleaning. With these though, the case selection is key, so small gaps, stained teeth of course is something we can help out with maybe slight occlusion issues, but if the occlusion is a mess, snap on smile really isn’t the answer. Really. Crooked teeth not really the answer there because we have to make it fit and look like their real teeth, so that could be a problem. Ideally, the patient would have some smaller teeth as well because then the snap on smile won’t be super bulky. The great thing about it is they can eat and drink and function normally with these in again, just like a partial, it can be replacement for a partial as well. As far as the records, we’re just looking for upper, lower, and bite photos. Please make sure these records are perfect cause we want to be able to deliver a nice perfect snap on smile to the patient. And just as a reminder, this isn’t really, it’s not a replacement to permanent procedures like brand new crowns or implant and crown, but it’s a temporary kind of short term alternative for the patients that can’t really afford those bigger procedures. So if you have any questions, I’ll lead them down the comment section below. If you could please subscribe to the YouTube channel and check us out on our website. Thank you.


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